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Faster Delivery

Update : 22 Jan 2018, 06:45 PM
E-commerce serves the purpose of making shopping easier by eliminating geographic barriers. In the age of the internet, we rely on making chores exciting and less time consuming. And many of us rely on online shopping for a wider selection of goods and services, and some may even find it to be the solution to time they find hard to allocate. Regardless of the reason to shop online, the arrival of the ordered product is something we all look forward to with great excitement, but that wears off when the delivery time is long, and becomes inconvenient. Delivering the products faster has been one of the major challenges for e-commerce companies all over the world. The faster the delivery, the higher the customer satisfaction is and for that, a sound logistic system is needed. Logistics is a complex game of impeccable timing and organisation, based on technology and manpower. The main challenge which Daraz faces in delivering the products on time to consumers has been an issue they aim and hope to solve. However until the end of time, they might have to face this problem from time to time.
Logistics is a complex game of impeccable timing and organisation, based on technology and manpower
One of the common problems is Bangladesh is the terrible traffic, which affects the society and of course, the economy. So when Daraz started its operations in Bangladesh, they wanted to find solutions which were specific to the infrastructure of this country and had to look for alternatives. Since then, Daraz has invested a lot of resources into working with the given infrastructure and limitations. It has own fleet of riders and multiple hubs which are based in different neighbourhoods. Daraz found that by placing delivering hubs in large neighbourhoods, the time it takes to deliver their goods and services has been reduced, as Daraz’s fleet takes complete orders out faster. This system has been applied to all their hubs which are present in 26 other locations around the country, and Daraz aims to introduce these hubs in all the districts soon. Daraz invested in motorcycles as this was the most effective mode of transportation which allowed the delivery fleet to beat the traffic in comparison to delivery trucks. Only larger items which cannot be placed on a bike are usually shipped in larger vehicles. Acquiring a fleet of motorcycles allowed Daraz to monitor the deliveries and reduce the error margin. Daraz continues to work in close collaboration with third party logistics for places they are unable to reach. The fleet management is a project which opens a new gateway to a different type of delivery logistics. Due to this, Daraz relies on many factors which are strange and foreign to textbook theories but the learning process has been nothing but revolutionary.
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