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Embrace the navy chino

Update : 23 Nov 2017, 02:25 PM
Plain and simple, there are certain safe bets when it comes to your wardrobe. There will be days where you don’t want to put too much effort into how you look. Naturally, you reach for those items that are easier to put together. One of those numbers would be a pair of navy chinos. The school uniform staple can easily go from bland to boss with a little adjustment to your everyday style. Keeping within the safer options, one obvious fact to establish is that navy goes perfectly, side by side, with shades of brown. So when you’re thinking about combining your navy chinos with other desired clothes, rest well, knowing simple steps can lead to a killer look.

Main attraction

There isn’t much we can say about the navy chino apart from the obvious. Make sure it’s slim-fit, almost as if the cut and silhouette mimics the bottom half of a bespoke suit. You can always try on a belt, but getting minor adjustments done by your tailor is preferred. The same goes for the hem on each leg. Make sure it falls right about your shoe.

Top choice

Keeping within the season, wearing a long-sleeve top is the most ideal for this off the Richter scale look of coolness. The perfect fit would be a knitted navy wool sweater. You might think this is a bit too “matchy-matchy”. On the contrary, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be wearing the same shade of blue as your chinos. Second, you want to aim for a look that is streamlined and sophisticated. Finally, make sure the fabric is light and breathable before you put on your second and final layer.

Outer limits

Brown leather, bomber jacket. No bells and whistles, just a minimalist designed jacket that will create a magnificent contrast between it and the rest of the outfit. You’ll find similar styled jackets in leading stores like Noir or Cats Eye. It won’t break the bank, and you’ll still look like a GQ certified celebrity. And if you already have a sharp jacket in the closet from seasons past, good on you. Reach for it, wear it, and flaunt it like there is no tomorrow.

A consistent theme

The jacket isn’t the only brown coloured beauty in this outfit. The look isn’t complete until you’ve slipped your feet into a polished pair of brown leather loafers. You can go the no-sock or no-show sock route, but let’s face it, it’ll be winter soon and you need to keep your feet as warm as possible.

Your sexy sidepiece

The supporting cast to this outfit comes in the form of some killer, aviator-style shades, silver necklace with a pendant and a bracelet or wristwatch. Keep it cool, keep it classy, and take on winter like it’s just another day.
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