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La Maison Decor is a designer boutique for decorating interiors based on themes and styles.

Update : 30 Mar 2021, 12:09 PM

La Maison Decor provides décor accessories, exclusive furniture pieces, home furnishing, artefacts etc. It also offers professional and friendly interior design consultation and services to make your spaces functional and adds timeless beauty and character to your chosen place.

This month, we sat down with Sausan Khan Moyeen, CEO at Enchanted Events and Prints, restaurateur at O’Play and founder at La Maison Décor to discuss interior solutions.

What inspired you to create La Maison? What kind of design services does La Maison provide? 

It all started because both Azrin Alom and I are from architectural backgrounds. Even though Azrin had her own firm, and I had Enchanted - my event management company, it was always my dream to have a home decor solution store. Azrin and I have been involved in various events and architectural projects, and always had the best rapport. Hence, we couldn't have asked for better partners.

La Maison is a physical store, located at Banani road 11, which provides home decor solutions -- curated imported furniture, home decor elements, lighting fixtures, rugs -- everything under one roof; hand-picked by us. We also provide custom kitchen and walk-in cabinet solutions designed according to clients' needs, imported from abroad.

Alongside, we have an interior and architectural solutions firm which provides these services to our clients. We believe in quality and we aren't just an online page with pictures taken off the internet -- we ensure our quality. Each piece we import has been hand-picked by us, bought from trusted sellers and factories with whom we share a personal relationship.

Online services can be very tricky -- often there is a range of qualities available out there -- you order something and end up receiving another. Hence, we have a physical showroom where clients can visit, and actually touch and feel the products. We also have catalogues, based on which, customers can order their desired pieces.

How do you decide which projects are a good fit for you and your firm? 

First and foremost, we consider ourselves extremely lucky for the overwhelming response we have received with our soft launch. We have already completed multiple projects and designed, imported and fitted over four kitchens, and six walk-in closets within just the first three months of starting our venture.

Clients actually rely on our taste and show us their spaces, and we provide the solutions accordingly. We aren't choosy, instead, we are grateful for the amazing response so far!

Do you welcome client involvement or do you prefer clients to be hands-off?

Both are welcome, after all, we are designing their dream home/curating furniture for them; hence it’s very important we listen to them and design accordingly. having said that, our work also represents our style and stamp in terms of quality and design -- which is why clients come to us.

What elements define your style? 

We are very versatile. I am more into the neoclassical post-modern style. I love the juxtaposition of something classic with a modern edge. Azrin, on the other hand, can do -- we are both well-travelled and love to be in tune with what is happening around the world, so we adapt very easily. As designers, we listen to our clients and plan accordingly.

When designing something for a room/space, what is the most important factor for you?

The client, space and their requirements. It should represent who they are, should accommodate their personalities with an updated version of luxury and ease and a little bit of us in them -- the perfect La Maison oomph!

What are some key decor elements that will elevate the look of a room/space?

The correct use of light, may it be artificial or natural. We must acknowledge the natural elements available at the space and elevate those. Even though we are more of a luxury service provider, we do not shy away from using what is locally available and family heirlooms; we feel that is what adds character to space.

Accessorizing a space right also takes the space to the next level. However, we do believe in functionality and use every bit of space available, keeping the aesthetic aspect in mind.

How much do you charge and can you work with the client's budget?

Depends on the design, space, and what kind of material we are using. Most of the time, we sit down with our clients and the design process starts with knowing their budget.  Accordingly, we will design or curate/import furniture or home decor items for them.

What things should a potential client keep in mind when they approach you to avail of your services at La Maison?

First of all, our clients should keep in mind that they can relax and leave their worries to us, we are a complete design and decor solution firm with extreme feasibility. Client service is our number one priority, and there is no such word in our dictionary as 'no'. We are extremely accommodating and will try to source everything given our allocated budget and will definitely try to go above and beyond for our clients.

How do you present your design concept and ideas to your clients?

The first step is the meeting of course, and if all goes well, the client provides us with drawings. If they sometimes do not have the drawings, we send our team to take exact measurements and make a drawing accurately. We personally visit the site and present them with a contract which tells them all the rules etc. Once they confirm, we go into the design process.

Based on the package they have chosen, we go ahead; while some clients want design consultations only, most clients want turnkey projects where we design execute and accessorize the entire project. Clients do not have to worry about anything, and can trust us to transform their space into their dream home.

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