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Together, we can

All our Summer Spirit pieces in one gorgeous digital issue 

Update : 03 Sep 2020, 07:12 PM

Dear readers,

One of the big lessons the pandemic continues to teach us is a reminder that the greatest strength of the human race is its ability to harness the power of community. The humble novel coronavirus that has brought the world to its knees has spurred a race to a vaccine, which, if it passes the ongoing Phase III trials, could be the fastest drug development in living memory. From #BlackLivesMatter to climate change, even as Covid 19 forces us apart from one another, we’ve found ways to work together to bring a change. 

Our Summer Spirit Special issue celebrates that very spirit of togetherness. From badass Bangladeshi women organizing political movements in New York, to artists auctioning their work to raise funds for causes; from designers both local and international, supporting artisans in their time of need, to everyday, ordinary neighbours banding together to form rooftop societies, we celebrate the power of togetherness.

What makes this digital issue even more special is YOUR involvement. Since its inception, Avenue T has been pushing the envelope towards a more progressive, inclusivefuture for magazines. Our covers have spoken for us by being the first to showcase the beauty of dark skin in a bridal issue, the first to feature a glamorous plus sized celebrity on our cover, and one of the first mainstream magazines to stop using professional models altogether. With this issue, we went even further and asked you what you want to see in our cover, and how you delivered. From our spectacular entries, to our enthusiastic voters, the response has been overwhelming, so let’s raise a glass to us and take a moment to celebrate the beautiful things we can achieve together, against all odds.

To discover the latest issue of Avenue T click the link Avenue T_Summer Spirit Special issue

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