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Crafted to perfection

  • Published at 03:42 pm December 26th, 2019
Photos : Tanvir Ali Photography

From delicate pieces that exude femininity to modern designs that can be both worn alone or layered beautifully,  Kashfiaa Amina’s jewellery line is everything you’d want in your closet. 

The owner and designer of Kashfiaa  - Jewelry Designer is a doctor by profession, and also the Head of Bio Research Services, but jewellery designing is something that she is extremely passionate about, which led her to open her own store at Pink City, Gulshan.

Much of her line is designed with particular muses in mind, and includes influences from family members, renowned jewellery designers and fashion in her collections. Apart from her own designs, Kashfiaa also imports jewellery and semi precious stones, especially from India. 

This month, we had several questions for Kashfiaa about how she started out as a jewellery designer, what it’s like running her own business and how she’s taken her business to where it is today.

Tell us about yourself, including what you do and how you got here.

While wondering whether to apply abroad for my higher studies or not, jewellery designing is something that captured my attention. I always loved jewellery and fashion since I was a kid, and I wanted to pursue something of my own in this field. At that time, I was lucky to find a few craftsmen here in Dhaka who agreed to work on some of my designs. And that’s where it all began. 

Describe your design style and what makes your collection unique in the industry.

Elegance is the primary factor in all my designs. I try to keep my designs chic, versatile and unique so that the person wearing my designs can reveal something about themselves and their taste through my jewellery, rather than becoming a part of the crowd or trend. I love chunky jewellery with uncut semi precious stones and you’ll see a reflection of that in all my designs.

As a jewellery designer, where do you draw inspiration from?

Life experiences and my love for fashion inspire me the most, I would say. My family members, especially my grandparents and my mother, have been the biggest motivation for me to venture into jewellery designing. Moreover, my husband has been incredibly supportive -- being a doctor, despite the hectic schedule that I have every day, he is the one who pushes me at the end of the day to get up and come up with a design. Apart from all these, I draw inspiration from Hazoorilal’s exquisite designs, and Sabyasachi’s timeless creations.