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Swoon in silk

  • Published at 01:34 pm December 19th, 2019

Shayeh -- the first brand to launch luxury loungewear in Bangladesh

‘Fabric of god’-- how rich and comfortable can a fabric be, to be given such a title? Silk, since ancient times, has been recognized as the most royal fabric ever. Silk, worldwide, is used as an attire of luxury wear. From Marilyn Monroe’s pink silk dress to Victoria Secret’s silk lingerie -- millions of people were attracted to the multiple ways silk can be worn. “Silk is such a royal fabric and I want to give Shayeh’s customers the experience of luxury.” says Anusheh Shayeree Hassan, owner of Shayeh. In 2016, Shayeh became the first to launch luxury sleepwear line with customized initials in Bangladesh.

Currently working on establishing her own architectural firm, Anusheh began with the silkwear line to feed her “thirst for fashion”. Even the tiniest glimpse at her office speaks about her immense love for fashion. Her office has a wall dedicated to her favourite fashion icons, and a desk organized with the latest Vogue issues.

At a very young age, while other kids read story books, Anusheh would read magazines that her mom used to bring home with her. When she grew up, she got into reading Vogue. While others would binge watch Netflix, she would continually watch fashion videos. “I had to watch videos that I could gain something out of it, and fashion videos and movies were exactly what I needed.” she says.

Anusheh, comfortable in her own style, knows how to keep up with the trends. Her silk shirt paired up with a pair of Chanel earrings is one example. As her fashion inspiration, she names Anna Wintour, Blair from Gossip Girl, and Karl Lagerfeld. She says: “Above all, it is my mother who has always inspired me the most. She holds the confidence in whatever she does. She is my diva.”

She has always wanted to work with silk and it was at the end of her graduation that she decided to open a brand with her own name featuring luxury silk sleepwear. 

In a saturated market where everyone was making almost the same kind of luxury dresses, Anusheh wanted to do something very different; something that is very new to offer for the niche market. Thus began ‘Shayeh’.

The inspiration for the name of her brand came from one of her beloved friends who calls her by the name, Shayeh.

While studying in Malaysia, she collected the right fabrics, picked colours, designed and placed orders. 

Anusheh calls herself lucky to have friends and family who love her and has been supporting her since day one. “Everyone has a piece of Shayeh and this shows their willingness to encourage me every day”. She started with three basic colours, initially. Anusheh promotes Bangladeshi silk and has been bringing designs in varying colours, each season. Now, with around twenty different colours, Shayeh has astounded her clients. 

Naming her success story, she shares: “It was few months after Shayeh just started that a girl approached me saying "Hey, could you make sleepwear for me and my bridesmaids?" She ordered 25 of them!

Anusheh aspires to be like Victoria Beckham one day. She also dreams of designing a Gucci or Prada outlet here in Bangladesh.  

“Architecture in general doesn’t motivate me to work, but fashion does. And when I bring the two together, I love it.” says Anusheh. 

Collections: Payjamas, robes, sleep dress, short sleep dress, eye mask, pillow case, cami tank tops. Available for men, women and children.