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7 questions with Badria Anis

  • Published at 03:46 pm December 19th, 2019
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After her successful collaboration over Monroe with Sahar Rahman, Badria Anis, who has a background in footwear designing from Canada, decided to branch out and take her expertise to a whole new level. Bariq&Co. started its journey in 2019 to cater to the needs of a trendy, affordable and fashionable footwear market.

The Bariq team is working to add a new-fold sense of fun and glamour to the regular footwear available today, so that it can make your everyday extraordinary. Bariq is for the modern women who like subtle styling, yet are a little bit fussy about comfort because no matter how fancy the shoes look, for Bariq, the priority is comfort and wearability. This month, Badria sat down with Avenue T to discuss their upcoming wedding collection.

Describe your shoe collection for this wedding season?

For this wedding season, we chose some gold and silver faux leather to go with our shoes. That way, we have a wild range of very glamorous shoes that are perfect for the season. We also tapped into high heels this time, which has been a success. 

Describe your collection in three words?

Glamorous, shimmery, and elegant.

What did you have in mind while designing the wedding collection?

We needed to come up with a very glamorous feel for our shoes this time -- something that looks very stylish and gorgeous, yet comfortable. So that is what I had in mind while creating the designs for the upcoming wedding season.

What inspired this collection?

We were inspired by the beautiful Bangladeshi brides. This festive season, by itself, is a big inspiration. 

What fashion advice you  do you have for shoe lovers?

My advice would be to be open to experimenting with designs, but not to compromise on comfort and quality.

What is trending now, in terms of footwear?

Narrow front in heels are very popular. Block heels are still in fashion. 

Any advice for your clients?

We want our clients to try out our products and to really compare them with those available in the international market. We try our best to come up with designs that have an international outlook, but are available in the local market at affordable prices.