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Real food, real good

  • Published at 03:12 pm November 21st, 2019
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Photo: Mehedi Rahman Ehab

Farmhouse Burger is the newest burger joint in town, serving gourmet burgers, shakes, and fries that are made with the finest and most fresh ingredients available. 

Located at Bay’s 23, Gulshan Avenue, a space by one of the most reputable developers in the country, Farmhouse Burger offers a gorgeously whimsical ambience, with its unique décor, wide-ranging menu, and bespoke service.

The husband-wife duo, Nafees Alam and Nadia Khan have introduced Farmhouse Burger to the food scene of Dhaka, with the incentive to provide additive-free, fresh food for their customers. Along with the management of Tanvir Chowdhury, the burger joint brings you a taste of the classic western burgers.

Until a few decades ago, almost everything that we ate in this country was fresh, free-range, and ethically-grown. However, recently, we have all been exposed to restaurants serving expired, adulterated food made in dirty kitchens, which are reasonably priced, but definitely not worth it in the long run. Farmhouse Burger claims to be a game changer in the Dhaka food scene – their commitment to providing the best possible food for their guests affects the price, and the higher cost is a direct reflection of that promise. Their main focus is to connect people to their community and good food. 

“We believe the best stories are shared over food. Not to mention, the best laughs, and the best memories, too. That’s why we put so much thought into every last detail that goes into our restaurant: the food, the hospitality, the kitchen, the gathering places, the vibe. We create spaces that evoke emotion, because we believe food is all about the experience and being able to connect with those who matter most,” saidTanvir Chowdhury, Business Development Manager, Farmhouse Burger. 

The restaurant not only brings people together to eat, but also focuses on serving the community for the better and committing to something larger than themselves. “Our charitable giving program, Fund the Future, donates resources and funds to organizations that are working tirelessly to improve the education system in our city. Our goal is to support them with our time and culinary talent by hosting restaurant benefit nights, volunteering, participating in local culinary events and making donations,” informed Tanvir.

The burger brioche buns are baked every day, while the patties are made with never-frozen beef from German Butcher or Bengal Meat (100% halal) with the perfect consistency of meat and fat for the best tasting burger. Moreover, all sauces are made from scratch using ingredients imported from USA directly by them. 

Starting off with their signature hand-crafted burger, the Millionaire, the rich flavour of their high quality grilled beef is perfectly paired with their house made Italian black summer truffle sauce. It is intensely aromatic and earthy, and the perfect compliment to their grilled meat. The Cowboy, on the other hand, is made with their sweet and tangy Texas barbecue sauce that goes perfectly with the flavour of their rich grilled beef, sweet juicy tomatoes, crispy onion and refreshing lettuce, along with the creamy melted sharp cheddar. Apart from these, they have the Hipster, which contains their crispy, house made falafel patties; the Hot Chick, with its ultra crispy panko-breaded chicken breast patty; the El Gringo, which is a true American classic; the Farmhouse, with its smoky and char grilled flavour of their rich and tender beef; and the Stinky Blue, inspired by the classic pairing of vinegar and cayenne peppers based hot sauce and pungent blue cheese made famous in New York. 

Among the sides, Truffle Parmesan Fries, a combination of white truffle oil and salty parmesan cheese are incredibly tasty. Their barnyard shakes include Cereal Killer, a fan favourite made with cereal milk and fruit loops cereal; Nutty Italian, for chocolate lovers with a twist, made with hazelnut goodness; Cookies & Cream, made with vanilla ice-cream and fresh milk, blended with crushed Oreo cookies; The Elvis, inspired by Elvis Presley’s love of the peanut butter sandwich, this shake is made with creamy peanut butter, served in a grape jelly drizzled glass and topped with freshly whipped cream; and Birthday Cake, their ur truly unique shake combining all of the flavours of the best birthday cake in milkshake form, made with moist funfetti cake and crispy cake crumbles.

The atmosphere of Farmhouse Burger caters to office goers, families, students and even children, for whom they have a patio outdoors, equipped with a foosball table. Once you settle in, the dimly-lit interior gives an unusual, yet homely aura to the place that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.