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  • Published at 03:12 pm October 14th, 2019
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Two basic face masks that you need to reduce acne and exfoliate your skin

Our “I woke up like this” game has, honestly, never been that strong. The reality is that most of the high end products do not meet our skin problems. Skin is a very important aspect to be taken care of, as it is the most sensitive organ. Even worrying about this too much can give you a pimple. But brace yourselves -- to restore your hope, Glass Cosmetics brings you face masks made with natural ingredients to give you that confidence to walk without any make-up.

In regards to skin care, there is a certain preconceived notion that it is a ‘feminine’ practice. Breaking these stereotypical misconceptions, Bushra Khan (sole owner of the venture) brings two of their best products - Matcha and Mocha masks. These are made to be suitable for all skin types and genders. “I was never a fan of how people here, in Bangladesh, considered male hygiene unimportant. Skincare concerns are usually viewed as a feminine quality, and I am totally against that misconception. Although, now, a gradual change of mindsets is happening - Glass Cosmetics, too, tries to be inclusive”, says Bushra. 

It’s not always the best feeling to see yourself in the mirror with acne and bumps on your face. Insecurities can gradually build up, confidence can slowly abate. Finally, upon having the insight to not let the terrible skincare problems take her over, Bushra decided to go for an immediate recovery for herself. After trying various products and in between moving back and forth from Dubai to Bangladesh, her skin condition only got worse. When no one could give her the solution, she created her own. With the knowledge she gathered from her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from University College London, along with the guidance of a few other skincare books, Bushra formulated her masks with only natural ingredients. With the satisfying results that she received from the masks, she decided to make more for the people with similar skin issues. 

Time and money can be invested into making the best products. However, if the container itself is harmful, the results can have the opposite reaction. Being conscious of that as well, Bushra found the containers that are of cosmetic grades. From the ingredients to the packaging, she sourced everything from the UK for a more efficient result.  

During this time in 2018, there was a hype of having ‘glass-like’ skin. People wanted “transparent” skin that looked illuminating, clear and glowy. Skin care never seemed to be an issue for Bushra, as she figured she was being safe with her regular face wash and Johnson’s baby cream. Finally, when the masks she made with natural ingredients gave her the transparent skin everyone wanted, she decided to go with the name ‘Glass Cosmetics’. After sorting all the ingredients, mixing the formula, testing and preparing the packages in five months, Bushra finally started the venture on December 6, 2018.

With massive demand and an overwhelming amount of positive reviews in the last year, Glass Cosmetics has hit the online market in Bangladesh with fascinating results. Now, Bushra and her clients are able to confidently step out of their homes with a foundation-free face. 

One happy client and an Instagram blogger, Hashmiofficial, offered her reviews for Avenue T: “I love the Matcha mask more, as it gently exfoliates my skin without leaving any harsh lines. I have noticed that it makes my skin smoother and has minimized my pores as well. Now my skin feels light and dirt free.”

The Matcha Mask is made with Matcha powder, which is a specially grown and processed green tea of Japanese origins. It serves the purpose of brightening and detoxifying the skin. The Matcha Mask is priced at Tk800.

The Mocha Mask is made with real ground coffee. It is rich in antioxidants and does a brilliant job at exfoliating and purifying the skin. The Mocha Mask is priced at Tk740.

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