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Sparkle and shine

  • Published at 04:02 pm September 29th, 2019

The story of two friends making their dreams a reality

Jewellery holds a very special place in a woman’s life, whether they are heirlooms passed on from a grandmother to her granddaughter or specially bought to mark a memorable occasion.

Ayosh is the perfect example of how a simple adda of two friends can turn into something great. Three years ago, Chaity and Zebin started their jewellery line, Ayosh. When they started Ayosh, it was a humble venture, as they didn’t know how to proceed. Initially, they started it as an experiment and thought of running it for one year. “We were new in this field with zero experience and also were very scared about how it would go,” said Zebin.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy, as Chaity and Zebin were very new and had little knowledge about how to make a business survive. Despite all of their inhibitions, they started designing small jewellery -- and they couldn’t believe when their first slot was a big hit. “Since the word ‘Ayosh’ means something made out of steel or portrays power, for us, it is the power of women which is unbreakable,” informed the owners.

“It all started with a little dream; like a sprout; it grew up and spread its branches all over the air bringing all of us closer. Every piece of Ayosh is not just a thing to wear, rather each of them are untold stories of hard work, patience, sacrifice and hope that we carry along with us,” they went on to say.

Chaity and Zebin want to celebrate the beauty that exists in everyone. “By adorning themselves with the jewellery from Ayosh, our clients become a part of the journey; contributing in keeping the dream alive. When we send the jewellery to our clients, we wrap our dream inside the little boxes and send it to them with love,” they said.

“We generally try to add a touch of individuality to each design,” says Zebin. Before planning a business, research is quite significant as various individuals may have a distinctive taste when it comes to jewellery. Some might want plain designs while some others might want something elaborate with stones. So while propelling new slots, Ayosh consistently attempts to create a wide array of designs. They customize their designs as well, particularly for the brides. According to the owners of Ayosh, making the craftsmen comprehend what the designers and clients actually want is something that becomes difficult at times. Ayosh's fundamental objective is to provide quality jewellery to their customers at reasonable prices. Since its inception, Ayosh has been attempting to deliver a message, which is 'TumiShundor'. They also ran an online campaign under this name earlier, which suggests you are wonderful in every shape and skin tone. 

Even though the market is very competitive, the owners believe that they are not here to compete. Instead, they want to work and deliver the best kind of products. “Because a good outcome can never be achieved by pushing yourself to do something but only by loving what you do. The rest depends on luck,” said Zebin.

If jewellery is one sure-shot way of reinventing one’s persona, then with all these ethnic, offbeat options at hand, it’s time to discover the new woman in you. In order to check out their collection, visit their page at Ayosh