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Why should girls have all the fun?

  • Published at 04:04 pm September 11th, 2019
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Style tips for guys on the go

Being away from home is no reason to give your grooming a chance to let its guard down, regardless of whether it's a weekend away or a flight abroad. Remember to pack these travel items, since when you look your best, you also feel your best.

Here are a few tips for men to stay trendy, even while travelling

Match dark colours with whites

 It’s a good idea to wear faded jeans and bright-coloured shirts or big prints, or pants in rich colours with pastel shirts. Whichever scheme you intend to use, pick one and stick with it. Make it a theme for your entire travel wardrobe. A pair of dark blue or black jeans would look great with a goldenrod yellow, light blue, or even just a white t-shirt. You can even pair up any one pair of jeans with different t-shirts or button downs, to get a variety of looks.

Wear solid colours

Shirts with large prints are less flexible and can't be appropriate for every occasion. A shirt with a simple design could look dull in the club, and a dressy shirt can't be worn to the beach. A plain, solid coloured shirt, however, could be worn to both. Pair that with some board shorts and flip-flops when you’re going to the beach, and just change into some chinos for a fun night out.

Button downs are your best friend

T-shirts are incredible while travelling. However, a stylish button-down adds a level of style to your look that a t-shirt just can't compete with. You can wear a basic button-down anywhere, with shorts or with long pants, and with either sneakers or formal shoes. You don't need to think about French cuffs or anything extravagant. The only thing you should make sure of is that whatever you pick is made from a thin, comfortable material.

Denims are a must

You need a pair of jeans that won't take up a lot of space in your luggage, yet are stylish, comfortable, and fit well. It's always good to carry dark blue jeans, which go well with pretty much anything. Another element that will do your look great favours is a denim jacket. These are the easiest option, and can help you achieve that casual, relaxed holiday vibe, or even that chic, dressed up look. Go ahead, embrace the denim on denim trend!

Choose your footwear wisely

You can never really go wrong with a pair of basic white sneakers. They’re comfortable and cool, and look good with everything. But if you want a pair of dressier shoes that you can also walk in without worrying about getting ruined, loafers are your friend. A basic brown or black pair can be the ultimate style statement that you need. Remember, your shoes are a significant part of your outfit, so don't ignore them. Pick something adaptable and trendy, and make sure you keep them clean!

Nobody wants to worry about what to wear when there are places to be and things to do on a trip. But keeping these simple tips and tricks in mind can make your packing easier, and you, trendier, for the world to see. Just pack your grooming kit and your favourite cologne, and you’re ready to go!