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Eat on the fly

  • Published at 04:16 pm September 11th, 2019
At_September 2019_Eat on the fly

Quick meals that will save you from embarrassment and starvation during flights

35,000 feet above the ground, your height phobia kicking in and making you nauseous, and you’re just praying the food you ate before hopping on the plane won’t cause your stomach any trouble. Or, even worse, the complete silence on the plane makes your empty stomach rumbling painfully audible. Either way, it’s best to prepare yourself to have a pleasant journey, so that when you land, you still feel refreshed and have your dignity intact. 

What you need to take:

Hydration: The harsh cabins in the airplane can make your ears, nose and mouth dry, even leading to infections. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Drinking lots of water prior to the flight can save you from blaming jetlag for when you’re sluggish. Add a few slices of lemon with water. Lemons will help to improve your digestion system as well as increase your blood flow during the long flights. For more flavour, opt for a glass of smoothie if you like. Throw in some fresh fruits with water, ice and plain yogurt. You can also choose to have one or two cups of plain yogurt. However, remember to avoid intake of too much sugar, sodium and caffeine. It can lead to an unpleasant sugar rush and many other discomforts during the flight. 

Proteins: Besides the liquid, satiate your appetite and have some avocado, nut butters and coconut before the flight. Intake of liquids only would most likely make you very hungry during the flight. If you want anything other than these, have some chicken fingers, but avoid having anything deep fried. Fried food can make you nauseous during the flight. Having something light and filling can make your flight very comfortable. Carry some of these during the flights if you feel you might be hungry again. It is highly recommended to avoid anything processed. Homemade meals can be your safest option.

Never take these before the flight:

• To avoid getting heart burn and indigestion, refrain from having red meat and fried foods

• Drinking alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate your body, leaving your body feeling more burnt out and exhausted. 

• To save yourself the embarrassment of gas, avoid having apples, carbonated drinks, spicy food and veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Although all of these are generally good for health, they can easily form gas. 

• Chewing gums can also cause gas to form, as well as making you feel bloated. As you constantly chew gum in an airplane, you let excess air get inside your body. Opt for a mint instead, and you’re set for the flight.