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The roaming room

  • Published at 03:22 pm September 9th, 2019

Travel-themed decor

Are you a hodophile ready to hop on a plane? Is your wanderlust taking over your life? For the time spent in between doing what you love the most, your surroundings need to depict your passion for travelling, and give you a sense of comfort. So how do you bring in elements of your travels to your space? Leave that to us.

The world map wallpaper:

Nothing screams “I want to see the world” like a blown up world map right on the wall. Choose a monochromatic one if you want a more understated effect, or pick one in a colour scheme you like and go with it.

Pinned places:

If you want a constant reminder of places you’ve been, and the wonderful memories you’ve created, get a cork-sheet cut out of the world map, and use colourful pins to mark your footsteps. Better yet, add photos or tickets of the trips, or tags with the dates of the trips.

The gallery of memories:

Those travel photos can’t be put away – they’re too precious. Create a simple gallery to feature these happy memories, using fairy lights for a special effect. If you’re feeling exceptionally creative, find a thin but sturdy twig, and hang strings tied through the photos.

Been there, done that:

For a more subtle nod to your travel dreams, create a shadow box filled with tickets to places you’ve been, and receipts and other memorabilia of the things you’ve done there. You can even pick a simple photo frame, and showcase all the places you’ve conquered.