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Super easy hairstyles for your next flight

  • Published at 05:21 pm September 9th, 2019
side braid
Illustrations: Suchona Hasnat

Heading out for a beach getaway? Or maybe your long awaited vacation to paradise is finally here? Either way, taming and styling your locks may require extra effort when you’re on a trip. This month, Avenue T has come up with some easy hair styles that will help make travelling a breeze.

The messy bun

The messy bun is our go-to easy hairstyle for people who are travelling because it takes less than five minutes to style, and it is perfect for early flights. This hairstyle is also a chic way to disguise greasy roots. 

First, flip your head upside down and pull your hair into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d like it. Don’t use a comb or worry about your strands being perfectly slicked back -- some bumps are okay. Twist the hair, and spin it around the base of the ponytail, continuing to wrap below the bun. Be sure to leave the tail out at the end. Secure it with a hair band and bobby pins. When you reach your destination, add a dash of glam with a sparkly headband, and you’re good to go!

Fishtail braid

Braids make excellent, easy travel hairstyles because they can cause less breakage than ponytails. 

First, divide your hair into two sections. Take a small piece from the outside of the left section, wrap it over the top of that left section, and tuck underneath the right section. Repeat this step on the other side, this time wrapping a small piece of hair from the right section underneath the left section. Continue alternating these steps between the left and right sections until all hair is braided, then secure with a hair tie. At the end, pull the individual sections for a more relaxed look.

High ponytail

If you’re tired of braiding your hair, gather your strands into a high ponytail. 

To figure out where your ponytail is going to go, align it with where your cheekbones are, and pull it back to that point. Then, take hairspray and a bristle brush, and just smoothen all around it. For a high, swingy pony, secure your hair with two hair ties. Next, hide the hair ties with a single strand of hair. Take a small section from underneath the ponytail, and just wrap it around the ponytail, and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. Take sections from the ponytail, starting from the middle and make your way to the front, teasing a little bit at the root. And you’re done!

The double bun

Opt for something a little different, but just as easy, like the double bun.

This do is simple, and yet can add a bit of fun to your look. Part your hair in the middle, and make two high ponytails. Before you begin with the next step, pull some hair to adjust the ponytails, and also let a few strands loose around the face. Then, wrap each ponytail around for a loose bun, and secure with a hair tie. Pull at the bun and adjust for a rounder effect, and then pin it in place.