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Pilate talk with Yasmin Karachiwala

  • Published at 12:38 pm August 17th, 2019
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Yasmin Karachiwala is one of the most sought-after celebrity fitness trainers in Bollywood. Yasmin is the individual behind a huge number of on-screen stars’ flawless figures. She is the owner of her very own wellness studio – Yasmin's Body Image – which was established years ago. Yasmin Karachiwala is, additionally, the first BASI guaranteed Pilates trainer in India and built up the principal Pilates studio in Mumbai. Yasmin fitness studio also has its franchise in Dhaka, which began its journey six months ago -- the first-ever Pilate station in Dhaka. We got the opportunity to converse with Yasmin on her last visit to Dhaka.

Yasmin started her journey as a fitness instructor 28 years ago. Initially, she started her fitness journey through group classes. Then, she ventured into becoming a personal trainer. It has been 15 years since her journey as a Pilates trainer began. When she got to know about Pilates, it somehow changed her lifestyle and the way she looked at things. For her, it’s the perfect combination of stretching and strength. While talking about Pilates, Yasmin said “Pilates works from the center, moving outwards to the appendages. While there are numerous powerful strategies for getting in shape, Pilates keeps up the ideal weight, with an additional advantage of muscle molding and conditioning of the whole body.” After becoming an expert in Pilates, she launched her first studio in Mumbai, which was her first step in the industry. She also has her studios in Delhi, Dhaka, and Dubai, and she will be opening two more this October.

When asked about how she deals with being the most sought-after fitness trainer in the industry, all she could talk about was her passion regarding fitness. She believes, had she not been passionate about it, she couldn’t have come this far. “When I train somebody, I look at the person, their body type, their strengths and try to give them what they want and what their body requires. Each individual’s training is different, based on their physical structure and their needs, and that is what brings remarkable results with each client. Helping my clients reach their desired goals is what gives me joy,” said Yasmin, while describing her journey with her clients. Owing to her personal fitness studio, her relationship with clients is more personalized. Whatever she has achieved till now, she thinks, came naturally – with her hard work and passion for fitness. It was never part of her plan, nor had she ever imagined that she’d get to where she is now.

While taking a client in, Yasmin makes sure that they fill out a form about themselves, their lifestyle, regular food intake, their strengths, and regime, and she sets the programs according to that. Hence, Body Image has the most elaborate entry form for clients to join the fitness program.

According to Yasmin, the fitness industry has taken a 180 degree turn and evolved rapidly. 20 years ago, when Yasmin started weight training, she had to face a lot of criticism. A lot of women would come up to her and question her about her fitness choices; they would “warn” her that she’d start looking like a man if she lifted heavy weights. Back then, fitness regimes were gender specific -- aerobics for women and weight training for men. Yasmin was one of the first women to break through those stereotypes and take up weight training. Her passion helped her a lot to establish what she has now.  Even after being criticized for her interest in fitness, she is happy to see that more and more people nowadays are becoming conscious about staying fit, and it is a huge change. With time, the concept of fitness has changed and evolved a lot, and for the better, which fills Yasmin’s heart with joy.

Yasmin thinks there is an equal number of people who prefer home workouts and studio workouts, and as a fitness trainer, her advice for everyone is to do what is best and easy for themselves at that moment. A person with a busy life and no time to make it to the studio should not feel demotivated. According to Yasmin, you work out wherever you can, even your house -- it all depends on your preferences and the resources available to you.  Also, she thinks the most common mistake in diet and fitness is starvation. If you starve yourself, then the workouts won’t work as well as they should be.

Yasmin shares that the response Body Image by Yasmin Karachiwala in Dhaka has been great so far. It amazes her to see that so many people in Dhaka want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are ready to put in the work for it. Also, she thinks all the employees, especially the trainers, are doing an excellent job at maintaining the studio. Although Yasmin Karachiwala will constantly be moving between Bangladesh and India, her main objective during her stay in Dhaka will be to train instructors and help them attain international standards in Pilates. The trainee instructors at Yasmin's Body Image have all been hired from India. The instructors receive vigorous training from Yasmin Karachiwala, and use that experience to design customized workout regimes for the clients. According to Yasmin, the people here make her work easier to maintain the quality of her franchise. Since January, when it first launched, she has been really pleased with the quality of work and the positive feedback they’re getting.

For Yasmin, Pilates is a way of life. Apart from working wonders on your physical appearance, it helps with core strengthening, posture and flexibility -- there are multiple aspects that make Pilates the best form of fitness.   

Regarding her other ventures, Yasmin talked about the Pilate festival in India which is curated by her. It’s a fitness experience of three nights and four days. For the last two years, it has been held in Pune, and has been a major success. Through this, Yasmin is trying to create a platform for people who have tried Pilates and those who haven’t to come under one roof and work out together, play together and practice leading healthier lives together. This is an event that Yasmin wants to continue arranging, and the next one will be held in February 2020, in Kerala.

For Yasmin, the future is uncertain. Just how she never envisioned being the Yasmin Karachiwala that she is today, she has no plans for what the next 10 years hold. All she knows is that she has endless passion for whatever she does, and she always puts in her 100 %. It encourages her to do more for those people who are motivated by her lifestyle and fitness routine. She just wants to keep doing that every day by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and go wherever life takes her.