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With love, from Vietnam

  • Published at 07:45 pm July 14th, 2019
jelly cakes

Hoàng cake introduces an array of jelly and Korean butter cream cakes

The land of tranquility, classic arts and sweet, Vietnam is ever famous amongst all. Vietnamese are also known for their great hospitality and the spirit of joy, which is mostly reflected in their festive culture and food items. Talking about festivity and food, two years ago, Jelly Hoang from Vietnam started making their festive sweet, ‘3D jelly cake’, for the people of Bangladesh. From there, the venture of online bakery began with the name Hoàng cake.

Moving to Bangladesh, like most house-wives, Jelly Hoang spent most of her time taking care of her family, cooking and finding alternative activities to spend her idle time. Jelly grew up in Vietnam with her immense love for cooking and baking. Here, out of hobby as she spent most of her time cooking and baking, she started making different food items for the foreigner groups on Facebook. Gradually when her cakes came to the Bangladeshis’ attention, she started making some for them. Overwhelmed with the tremendous response, she finally decided to open an online page at the end of 2016. 

Jelly cake still catches most Facebook users’ attention. Its reviews of the perfect mild sweet texture and 3D art are quite unique. Nevertheless, it is important to point out, however the cake may look, Vietnamese taste buds are different from Bangladeshis’. Hence it may not seem to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. In this regard Jelly mentions “I brought the recipe of Vietnam but I had to change it according to Bangladesh’s taste. I had to bring more sweetness to my recipes Bangladeshis really love sweets and cakes.”

The statement could not be any truer. People’s demand for her sweet cakes and intriguing designs compelled them to learn from her. She was approached with the idea of teaching people how to make these cakes. Jelly started giving personal classes. Later with the spread of word more people knocked her to learn how to make her cakes. Thus she decided to provide group workshop. Jelly conducts a five hour long one day class, teaching the students the basic ways of making match sponge cake, Korean butter cream cake, transparent jelly, how to mix milk with color, how to make 3D designs along with the tricks of making air bubble and designing koi fish inside. Her workshop is not limited to jelly cakes only, she also teaches how to make cookie icing art cake and butter cream cupcakes.

To place orders and learn the tricks of making jelly and cakes, find Hoàng cake at: https://www.facebook.com/hoangfcakebd/