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  • Published at 04:23 pm July 9th, 2019

'Notjustafashionblogger’ – bringing in the positive energy for embracing and styling with your height

In this era that revolves around building confidence in your own skin, where there is a huge debate on embracing your skin tone, where women are speaking up about the acceptance of all kinds of body types, embracing all heights is yet to be discussed freely. In the fashion industry, women above 5’5 inches are considered to be models, and of an average acceptable height to be fit in society. This results in women labeled “petite” not having enough clothing options in the market.

Regardless of the struggles and derogatory comments directed at these people, Sameira Afroze Shaolin has always worn her outfits with confidence. In an interview with Avenue T, Sameira came in donned in a casual outfit, flat shoes, a saddle bag, and a big smile. In this interview she talked about her blog by the name of ‘notjustafashionblogger’ and gave us some styling tips.

Sameira started her blog when her friends pushed her to do so, as she was posting her OOTD (outfit of the day) on her personal profile with the hashtag #notjustafashionblogger.

Sameira is a huge fan of anything that has straps and despises the colour orange, as she says it doesn’t suit her. Blazers for Sameira are a timeless fashion piece that can be worn with anything. She mentions while she always wanted to keep up with the trend and pull off outfits with her personal styling, she faced the biggest challenge of not finding the desired piece in stores that would fit her. Other than Urban Truth being her go-to store, she went that extra mile to buy fabric and tailor the clothes that matched her figure.

Sameria introduced a clothing line, ’Designer Girlfriend Collection’ for women of all shapes and sizes. Her work features simplistic yet sophisticated high-quality fabrics. Sameira’s clothing line is not tailored to fit only a specific body type or height, as she aims to cater to all kinds of women.

With a few styling tips, here is a message Sameira left for the readers of Avenue T: “You just need to embrace your own height. There is no one else like you. You are the only one, and you are perfect.”

Aspen gold:

The start of 2019 has been all about big shoulders, bold colours, lines, and statement sleeves. Aspen gold has been spotted all over the Spring/summer 2019 runways. This bright, solid colour mid-length dress is teamed with blue vans for a casual yet chic appearance. 

Dress: Designer Girlfriend

Vans: Sneakerpimp BD

Pinstripe Blazers: 

You may be trying to elevate your office look or maybe you are more of a sneaker suit combo kind of girl. One thing we must all agree on is that we all need that one blazer, and let me tell you why. From the 2019 trendsetters to runways we saw suits in every shape, size, and color but in particular, pinstripes are a game changer. You have already seen girls rocking those chunky sneakers with suits/blazers, but why not do it the traditional way?

These khussas are amazing in the sense that not only do they go well with every traditional outfit, but they also work magic with a pair of formal pants. Here's a fun way to pair a pinstripe blazer with bold colored khussas and fray hem denim.

Blazer: Designer Girlfriend

Khussas: Monroe Khussas

Robe silhouettes:

Robe silhouettes a universally flattering piece  have made their way from bedrooms to the streets. They have taken runways by storm and the fashion IT girls can't seem to have enough of them. This silhouette looks amazing on every body type. You can tie across the waist to accentuate the waistline, or just leave it flowing for a more carefree look; either way, it will make you stand out from the crowd. I've paired it with the 2019 trending statement sneakers to give it a more edgy yet fun look. However, comfort is what matters the most.

Robe: Designer Girlfriend

Sneakers: (Nike Air) Sneaker Pimp BD

Timeless tailoring:

The suit is a wardrobe classic. A classically tailored and well-structured blazer is to live for. You can celebrate these power suits as a piece of art and also when

 high-end events call for a high-end pick. Since these can add a great spin on your usual go to, don’t mind spending a little more on a perfectly tailored suit. It is both perfect for a date night, as it is for the office.

Suits: Designer Girlfriend