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Experience the aura of yoga

  • Published at 04:14 pm July 9th, 2019

Samadi yoga brings the magic of yoga to your life

People who are really conscious about themselves realize how to have faith in their capacities to do what they need to do. They don't examine the attributes that make them intriguing, and they have a sense of safety about their judgment. Also, there is no better method to remain fit and positive in the meantime than practising yoga. The beneficial thing about yoga is that it's an extremely characteristic certainty manufacturer. You may discover that it takes only a few sessions to boost your self image and grant you confidence in social situations. You will be less irresolute, and experience improved trust in a wide scope of various parts of your life. Yoga is followed by a great many individuals around the world in light of its benefits in almost every way.

In this bustling existence of Dhaka we need a spot where we would be able to unwind and get ourselves. And for that yoga is top notch. To take care of that issue Samadi Yoga Studio — a devoted yoga place, that opened its entryways on 5 April 2019 in Gulshan, Dhaka, may be the ideal answer. An initiative of Eza Chowdhury in association with Aamra Active, Samadi plans to be the space to accomplish that ideal concordance among soul and body. Eza needed a dedicated yoga space for Dhaka people with the goal that they can have various types of yoga to quiet their soul and body. Eastern culture used to be engaged with practicing yoga and getting vitality, yet the way of life began to blur, as Eza felt." She feels that we have to discover the balance again.

Samadi offers in three different forms of yoga: Beginners, Kundalini, and Power Vinyasa.

Beginners — People with pain, wounds; the individuals who are beginning yoga or restarting after quite a while. 

Kundalini — Plenty of profound contemplations alongside breathing activities joined by body movements.

Power Vinyasa — For those hoping to strengthen their body, toning up and loads of cardio included.

There are many demonstrated advantages of yoga, for example, stress relief, quieting of the nerves, expanded quality and adaptability, upgraded inventiveness, higher immunity, and improved confidence. Yoga improves mental and physical well being. It helps with focus, flow, and breathing. Yoga treatment enables the body to mend from sicknesses, disease, and damage. Yoga offers experts a more profound comprehension of self.

“As your body becomes stronger and you slowly work your way into more challenging poses, you begin to feel stronger on the inside as well. And the poses become easier with practice, showing us that we’re capable of changing and growing. Your deep breath work (pranayama) during your yoga practice quiets the mind of unwanted ‘noise’ and negative thoughts, and thereby helps you to make wiser decisions in life”, Eza said while talking to us about the importance of yoga.

Yoga is not about turning into a pretzel or walking on your hands. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, finding your edge, but also knowing when to stop. Everybody is unique and so are their life experiences. All these have an impact on what your body requires, and yoga teaches you how to grow love and acceptance for who you are.

There are three dimensions of the journey through yoga. The outside journey is for the solidness of body. The inner journey is for unfaltering quality of insight. The deepest journey is for the kindness of soul. In yoga, each posture ought to be held in a condition of quiet happiness. Every development ought to be  workmanship.

Class schedules are flexible and take into account a wide range of individuals, so regardless of whether you are working 9-to-5, there are classes subsequently too. So try them to experience the aura of yoga in your life.