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Summer selective

  • Published at 04:03 pm May 30th, 2019
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 A brand that comfortably follows the trend!

Aurum Bangladesh began its journey in mid 2017. This ethical local brand started in an unassuming way to reevaluate the hand block print and true natural style. This local brand blends traditional designs with contemporary ones with the aim to deliver happiness and natural fashion to consumers both at home and abroad. Aurum Bangladesh's huge scope of imaginative items, sponsored by a powerful inventory network makes it a unique brand in Bangladesh. Muslin and various local crafts are a common ground of Aurum Bangladesh's signature. 

History of Aurum

During her academic years at Brac University, Neshat Unjum was trying to work through her creative aspirations. After some market research, she found a way to reinvent the hand block print. With a worker and Tk25,000 borrowed from home, she started Aurum one fine morning. Without any training, just on the basis of instinct and her fashion sense, she committed to delivering natural fashion to the urban people. Now, there are 6 workers under her leadership umbrella. Currently, she is functioning as a CEO and Head of Design. 

Their vision 

Luxury by definition is emotional; it is the thing that one sees as having incredible esteem. For Aurum, it is careful design, refined craftsman abilities and incredible retail experience. Aurum Bangladesh characterizes regular extravagance by offering items that improve one's sentiment of prosperity, that are made through an individual crystal of serious association with nature, history, and legacy. We attract from convention to coin another word for luxury that is Bangladeshi and feasible. 

Issues of growth 

Duplication and plagiarism of block designs by online stores and deceptive businesspersons have been the major obstacles for them. Poor financial help from the banks and empathy-less product delivery framework were also some issues they faced. 

Presently trending 

Cotton-based hand square print known as Summer Sedative, extraordinarily intended for the urban spirits by the head of design and artist Lopa, is the current trendsetter for this season.

For more, visit their Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/AURUM.bd/