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How to get a picture perfect makeup look this summer

  • Published at 04:26 pm May 19th, 2019
Emad B M Hassan

Getting ready in the summer can be a hassle for many of us. The heat, humidity, and the overall weather can ruin our look, no matter how many hours we’ve put into getting ready. 

To make things easier, Avenue T sat down with Kvneez from KVN Beauty to help us with a few makeover ideas this summer, and give us tips on how to keep your makeup fresh throughout the day.


For the face: 

Primer - YSL Blur primer, starting with Mac fix plus prep+prime

Foundation - NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation (in the shade Barcelona)

Concealer - Mac Studio Finish concealer duo (nw25/nc30)

Contour - Fenty Beauty match stick (in Truffle)

Setting powder - Huda Beauty ‘Easy Bake’ (in Blonde)

Bronzer - Refined Golden by Mac Cosmetics.

Blush - TARTE (in the shade Insightful)

Highlighter - Laura Mercier (Indiscretion)

For the eyes: 

Huda Beauty desert dusk palette  

Tarte Cosmetics eye shadow palette in Bloom 

To set the makeup:

SPF50 setting mist


“These are my absolute favorite products not only because they are long lasting but also for amazing natural texture which doesn’t feel heavy at all, they are highly pigmented so you can achieve a look by using less. Most of the products I used here are also mattifying which is a must for summer. Makeup tips for summer would be to use as less makeup as possible because less is always more. Make sure to use a sunscreen with SPF50 and clean your makeup brushes at least once a week,” says Kvneez.

When you want a full coverage makeup look for summer you basically need two things: 

A setting spray - Start the makeup with Mac fix plus and use it often while doing the whole makeup. 

A setting powder - I use Huda Beauty easy bake for a good five minutes, it’s a life changing product and a summer must have. Also, dab in the beauty blender whenever you need a quick fix and a crease free look.