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For the love of decor

  • Published at 02:29 pm May 18th, 2019
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Unimart offers high-end home decor items for customers

Ever wonder why every home decor photo on the internet looks at least ten times better than what we see around? It’s not just the lighting, camera, editing and filters; it’s mostly the items themselves. More specifically, it's the build and finish of each item and the composition on display that breathes life into the image.

Super shops in our country have largely catered to the grocery market to date. But recently, given their large outlets along with a lot of demand for high-quality lifestyle and home decor items, Unimart decided to start emphasizing on them as well. Initially, the existing vendors that were available locally seemed not too keen on quality. These decor items are mostly imported from China and the pieces on offer would end up being the 5th or 6th duplicates of something authentic. They are quite abundant at New Market and similar shopping areas. On the other hand, there are some people who are taking the initiative, thinking out of the box and going all the way to China to find those high-quality items that customers are particularly searching for. They are buying the most authentic of these items and selling them through their showrooms in our country, because of their very high demand out here. 

Unimart has always valued customer feedback and taken note of everything their customers talked about through their managers on the floor. Customers, in turn, have also been quite vocal about exactly what they are looking for. This is what got Unimart into this business in the first place. They’d often mention they would have preferred certain items with a better finish, or of a different material, a frame with perhaps a slightly different design, etc. After analysing the feedback in-house, seeing the high demand, Unimart strategically sourced local people who can put themselves in the customers’ shoes well. They sent these people to China to acquire products from premium decor brands such as Darchin and Marlin, which typically export to European markets exclusively. These high-end brands have their own craftsmen, studios, and dedicated R&D and quality assurance teams, thereby creating the finest products that this industry has to offer. 

Even though Unimart could have started selling these products from January, they waited until they could display them in the best way possible. Turns out, visual merchandising is just as important to them as quality, and they have taken the help of an international consultant just for that purpose. They took their time deciding upon the most appropriate shelf designs, lighting, and accessibility, and finally, since mid-April of this year, Unimart opened their doors offering top of the line and authentic decor products from high-end brands. Customers, in turn, are ecstatic with what they see. These new items are absolute head turners, and they take it one step further by often composing a decor setting with various items, such as a beautifully textured vase beside an intricately designed photo frame, giving way to a perfectly crafted and proportioned abstract star tetrahedron; they help create a complete vision for their customers. The pieces, themselves, are exquisite works of art with the perfect build and finish, whether it’s a steel battleship or a ceramic vase; take one look at it and one knows that it is the best in its business. With increasing demand and a proportionate increase in feedback, Unimart will soon be compiling all their feedback data digitally. This will help them maintain a database to ensure that they always stay informed about their customers’ demands and nothing falls through the cracks.

Unimart offers products at prices that are as competitive as they can be, given the high-end brands that they are sourced from. They go to great lengths working to educate customers on the massive differences in quality between something authentic and a cheap knock-off duplicated six times over. Their future plans include taking in a lot more customer feedback on their product preferences and bringing in tons of decor items that cater to the exact needs of their customers.