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Step light

  • Published at 03:19 pm April 29th, 2019
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Footloose’s journey began in 2016, when designer and founder Shamprikta Shafiq Hridi, found her passion for designing and manufacturing shoes that are minimal, light and comfortable, so that women walk out of their homes in style for their day to day life without having to compromise on comfort.

The thought of Footloose surfaced when Hridi was on vacation in a neighbouring country, where she met young Bangladeshi shoppers on a shopping spree, stating that they always wait for the chance to travel to another country to buy shoes, because it’s difficult to find designs of their choice in Bangladesh. This sparked the idea in her to locally manufacture footwear which will appeal to young Bangladeshi consumers, and protect our local footwear industry.

Hridi previously had an illustrious experience of working for prominent fashion houses in Bangladesh. 

Their Story:

Footloose comes up with their designs, keeping minimalism in their mind, to ensure comfort and confidence in every stride of the clients and customers. “We design our products with love and care, with the help of our exceptionally talented local craftsmanship, to strike a chord to cater to our clients. We were lucky to get early success and support from our customers, as they appreciated our products for durability and top-level designs at affordable prices,” says Hridi. Their designs are influenced by the seasons of Bangladesh, which allows their products to be functional in any weather. Their main focus is to design airy and light footwear for the summer, and for winter, to add warmth.

They are building an end-to-end structure for sourcing raw materials from local markets to the use of sustainable non-toxic ingredients for production, which are safe for both human skin and the environment. 

 Strength and local craftsmen: 

Their local artisans and craftsmen made their journey possible, and better, by helping them with their specialized knowledge and hours of hard work to produce the designs which their clients love. Today, they are working in partnership with 50 local craftsmen to upscale the female footwear industry.

“We promote fair workplace policies with our partner factories and constantly work to improve their capability. Our motto is to provide women with an empowered sense of glamour for a playfully daring spirit,” says Hridi.