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Changing the face of modern living

  • Published at 05:24 pm April 18th, 2019

KathThokra has had a fast growth-rate over the last three years

Furniture designing in this day and age has become a bigger, more exciting challenge. While comfort is still an issue that needs to be factored in, it is no longer the sole purpose. The functionality, quality and aesthetic value of a piece of furniture are sought after much more by people looking to turn their houses into homes. Catering to these very needs, KathThokra is changing the face of contemporary furniture, in style.

What once started off as an online business, KathThokra has had a fast growth-rate over the last three years. Now, they have a showroom based in Gulshan, Dhaka, where their signature designs and sample pieces are displayed for the customers to browse through.

What they stand out for the most, however, is the customizations they make to their furniture, keeping the clients’ specific needs in mind. They do consultations, and suggest the best fabric, colour and designs for the space. They aim to deliver modern furniture that is functional, and also satisfy the distinct demands and needs of each client.

KathThokra has recently designed floral furniture that can act as statement pieces in any room. In future, they have plans to incorporate art into wooden furniture, which will add life to a living or working space.