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Putting on the glitz

  • Published at 05:12 pm April 13th, 2019
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Add some glitter to your steps with Bariq & Co

Bangladesh ranks eighth amongst leading producers of footwear around the world. While until recently most of the shoes mass-produced here were exclusively for export leaving local consumers to rely on foreign brands. The recent startup boom in the country has also spilled over to the footwear sector. As a result, we are seeing an increase in exclusive outlets offering locally-produced, customizable designer footwear, and to own a pair is seen as a mark of prestige.

Having achieved success in her collaboration with Sahar Rahman over Monroe’s handmade nagras and khussas, Badria Anis Ninia, who has a background in footwear designing from Canada, decided to branch out and take her expertise into a different area, and thus we have Bariq and Co.

Inspired by the Bosnian word for glitter and glam, Bariq started its  journey in 2019 to cater to the needs of a trendy, affordable and fashionable footwear market. The Bariq team is working to add a new-fold sense of fun and glamour to the regular footwear available so that it can make your everyday extraordinary. 

Badria says “The designs which give a sense of effortless and sophisticated aesthetic focusing on timeless pieces makes Bariq unique”. Bariq is for the modern women who like subtle styling yet are a little bit fussy about comfort because no matter how fancy the shoes can look like, for Bariq the priority is comfort and wearability. All the stones and materials is handpicked and designed by Badria Anis as she is very cautious about the quality of the shoe.

“Our collection comprises of easy to wear and well-fitted shoes. We are experimenting with all heights of shoes. We prefer to style our shoes in a pastel palette of colors which are popular on the ramp.  All the shoes are designed to be versatile and wearable, so a woman can wear it with any color palette, with a pair of denim or a white salwar kurti” Badria said about Bariq &co.

Badria’s future plan for Bariq is to set a new trend in the kind of footwear that are accessible for the local market so that women of today can easily accessorize themselves with such stylish products which are easy to get here and doesn’t require to go abroad. The kind of shoes Bariq make is easy, comfortable yet glamorous. The designs of Bariq follows the footwear trend of the season.

Speaking about the upcoming festival season, Badria says, “Bariq’s shoes are for every occasion and adds an extra charm to your look. The gold sliders that we have or even the teal satin sliders can be worn with a saree or kurti this Baisakh. The colours of Baishakh will definitely complement the collection we have. ” Badria said.

Bariq’s future looks very bright in the shoe industry. In this short period of time, it made a huge buzz in the market. It has so far been a hit amongst local fashion influencers. Badria believes that it is very important to promote new fashion and trends in the market. Hence she is focusing on new designs which give a unique look and helps to create a fashion statement. Due to an overwhelming response of people, Bariq is working on many more new designs to meet the need of the market.