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More to DIY décor this Boishakh

  • Published at 05:41 pm April 13th, 2019
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Tips to two easy-budget friendly DIY Pohela Boishakh decorations

The bhat-e-mach-e-Bangali’s favourite celebration is right around the corner. The vibrant ambiance is what we expect to wake up to every year on April 14. Putting on colourful outfits, having panta bhaat, sharing delicacies with neighbours and singing songs of Tagore, all enhance the festivity of Pohela Boishakh. On such a radiant occasion, decorating your own home should not be an exception. 

If you are looking for a festive amenity for your home and save yourself from spending too much, here are two easy DIY decorations to notch off your Pohela Boishakh décor.

Welcome door message

Welcoming your guests with a welcome message would be a good start to honour the guests and the day. Hang a ‘kula’ outside the main door of your house with decorative paintings and messages.

Things you will need:

• Kula

• Red and yellow acrylic paints (or any colour of your preference)

• Painting brushes

• 1 pin

• Hammer


You can find a ‘kula’ at your own home or any local grocery market near you. Paint the whole kula according to your preference and bring out the artist inside you by drawing different patterns. Once you are done painting, write a message at the centre of the kula. Finish the décor by simply pinning the centre edge of the kula on the door with a hammer. And voilà, you’re done.

Float with fragrance

Everyone loves a home with a good fragrance. Make your Pohela Boishakh more lively by decorating your home with a touch of flowers.

Things you will need:

• Terracotta hari(s) or big terracotta bowl(s)

• ‘Beli’ flower (Jasmine)

• Roses or any other desired red flowers

 • Water


Take the terracora ‘hari’ or bowl and fill it with water. Later, fill and spread the container with jasmines. Once filled, place the red flowers in a few places to make the décor stand out. Now your house will be filled with the aroma of jasmine. Results work best on the first morning of the occasion.