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A romantic revival

  • Published at 06:36 pm March 14th, 2019

8 décor trends to try in 2019

After a year of futuristic minimalism and tech-inspired spaces, 2019 sees a return to nature and tactile décor in a lush, romantic revival. Here are five ways you can bring in the spring to your home décor.

1.    Floral prints – Think 70’s botanical motifs and retro blooms. Accent walls with a vintage floral print, and/or soft furnishings with vegetative detailing breathe life into your surroundings. 

2.    Natural elements – Plants are not only a great way to reduce indoor pollution and relieve stress, this season, they create visual interest and add a freshness to the décor

3.    A dash of wabi-sabi – This Japanese inspired trend involves adding a carelessly homely touch to your space. Repurposed furniture, purposefully mismatched pieces, arranged with a light touch make your space more inviting

4.    Warm colour palettes – Buttery browns, copper hints, earthy tones create an aura of understated elegance in your home

5.    Brass and copper fittings – Give your bathroom fittings a retrospective update. These warm metals are soothing, and have a nostalgic, inviting vibe

6.    Velvet furniture – Sink into a plush sofa or armchair and feel like royalty. We’re in love with all things velvet, and it extends to our furniture

7.    Classic black and white – Colour palettes will come and go, but black and white is forever

8.    Round edges – accent tables, mirrors, furniture…the harsh angles are giving way to softer curves in the home