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A mom for all seasons

  • Published at 04:04 pm March 14th, 2019
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A  Bangladeshi mommy blogger talks about the balancing act

Mother to baby Aryan and wife to Nizar, Samira Ahmed is an Air Traffic Control Engineer in UK. It wasn’t her first choice of career – something any Asian would be able to relate to. Samira was always passionate about writing. She aspired to study language and history, but ended up studying engineering. When Instagram and blogging began to get popular in the UK, Samira jumped aboard the trend with her blog ‘Lattes and Travels’. That was her first, ultimately abortive, brush with storytelling.

Having had to abandon the first blog due to work pressure, it was during her maternity leave that Samira found the time and head space, and yes, the need to document her journey through new motherhood, and thus her blog ‘The Millennial Ma’ was born. 

The Millennial Ma

Along with everything else, parenting strategies have also changed over the past two generations. Working mothers now have to deal with an incredible amount of pressure that didn’t exist a decade ago. The name Ma is the essence of Bengali culture. Millennial Ma is more than just about the struggles of this generation’s mothers. The title conveys the transition from a woman to a mother. “I was a different person before I became a mother” says Samira. The blog reflects on the entirety of the experience, both as an individual who loves books, fashion and food, and a mother. Samira wants to make meaningful content and give the readers the flavour of a mother’s lifestyle as a whole. While one may wonder if Samira had quit her older blog due to work pressure, how she can now expect to run the blog, Instagram and Youtube accounts of The Millennial Ma, she responds that she’s learnt to multitask. Be it in traffic, while Aryan is being fed or sleeping, Samira has been consistent and learnt the art of balancing life with the baby and the blog. 

The first chapters

Motherhood can have its ups and downs. A mother’s overwhelming emotions and struggles can give any mother-to-be mixed feelings about having a baby. While some may be overwhelmed, others may be anxious about oneself and the baby’s health. Samira meticulously writes her story providing a personal insight into the trials and tribulations of her journey. She cherishes her moments with her little boy and documents them on Youtube. Samira is well aware that pregnant mothers surf the internet to learn more about this journey. In her blog, she shares her experiences and the things she’s learnt under the section "Pregnancy Diaries".  

Reaching a greater audience 

Because no two pregnancies are the same, The Millennial Ma has collaborated with famous mother blog, ‘Motherly’. Motherly shares real life stories of mother bloggers. Each pregnancy is different, each mother has her unique experience to share. As an Instagram mommy blogger, Samira, too, contributes to the paid weekly pregnancy and postpartum videos with Motherly. Besides Motherly, she creates her own content on breastfeeding, nursing bras, Baby K’tan, teething, weaning, stretch marks and all the nitty gritties that becomes part and parcel of being a new mother. In her Instagram stories, she has collaborated with other bloggers and has also done a Q/A sessions where they answered frequently asked questions. Samira mentions that seeking doctor’s advice should be the priority, but talking to another mother could help bust one’s misconceptions, and sometimes solve pregnancy issues. Samira has been helpful and gathered much more knowledge simply by using #themillennialmumsquad. The heartfelt conversations with other mothers gave her a sense of community, because often, it can be a very lonely experience.

Findings in Bangladesh 

The gutsy wife and mother travelled alone with her seven months-old baby all the way to Bangladesh from the UK. During this short trip to Bangladesh, she is acclimatizing her baby to the weather and the daily hustle and bustle of social engagements and family commitments. In the midst of said adjustments, Samira has been researching dining outlets that offer nursing rooms and baby chairs in Dhaka. Mothers of babies and very young children struggle with dining outside when Dhaka has no baby chairs, claims Samira. In the quest for baby chairs, Samira has compiled a handy list of establishments that offer such facilities. She has also stumbled upon service like baby spa and wellness care center. Samira’s exploration continues and connects the mothers here with #dhakamom.

When asked for a message for the readers, Samira Ahmed says: “Be kind to mothers. Life can be difficult for new moms with babies and toddlers. As a community we should make lives as easy as possible. We need to have mom friendly places. I want to see mothers enjoying their time with their babies outside their homes.”

For lush ideas about fashion, books and motherhood follow Samira at: https://www.instagram.com/the.millennial.ma/