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Glow getter

  • Published at 07:43 pm February 11th, 2019
Yoga skin
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Tanya Mahmood is a YouTuber who posts quick and cost-effective beauty tutorials for working mothers, students on a budget, and “girlbosses” who want to look good without breaking the bank and spending too much time on it. This month, she’s collaborating with us to talk about Yoga Skin, the hottest new skin trend on Instagram

Yoga Skin is all about looking hydrated and fresh. You can pair it up with heavy makeup or just keep it light and look like you came back from a nice Caribbean vacation. The concept of yoga skin is that you use your palms to first heat up the product and then massage the product into your face. The heat from your palms and massaging action lets the makeup blend into your skin instead of sitting on top. The mix of the oils and the liquid makeup hydrates your skin while giving you the dewy look. 

Step 1: Prep

To start I prep my skin. I wash my face with Laniege face wash. My skin gets inflamed before my period, so I use Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins mega mushroom relief and resilience soothing treatment lotion ( completely optional). My favorite moisturizer for dry skin is Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide cream. You can use your favourite moisturizer. Let the products soak in for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Mix

 The yoga skin requires a concoction that you put in your palms and rub your hand together to warm the product. Here is what you need: 

•    1 drop of primer.  I use the Smashbox hydrating primerizer – it’s good for dry skin

•     3 drops of light coverage foundation. I use HD Makeup Forever, but you can also use MAC face and body which is light coverage and gives a dewy finish

•     1 drop of facial oil.  I used Drunk Elephant virgin marula luxury facial oil

•     1 drop of strobe cream or liquid highlight. I used NYX Illuminator in the shade Gleam; you can use MAC strobe cream, but I find a golden shade works best for brown skin to get the flawless yoga skin

•     1 drop of glow drop (optional) I didn’t use this, but you can use Dior Glow Shot or Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew drops in Golden Peach).

Step 3: Apply

Take the mixture in your palm and massage it into your skin until you think your skin looks glowy AF. You can set it with a powder if you are on the oily side. I recommend Laura Mercier’s glow powder to keep the dewy look. End your makeup with the Tatcha Dew mist setting spray ( it’s a very hydrating setting spray so I highly recommend for this look). 

For oily sisters living in hot humid climates please use a setting powder or you might end up looking like a yoga mess. This makeup is great for dry skin in the winter which is why I love it. This is definitely the makeup trend of this year. 

The yoga skin trend was started by Sarah Hill Makeup. She is the intellectual owner of this idea