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The ultimate holud check list

  • Published at 03:09 pm December 25th, 2018
at-Dec 24, 2018
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Pre marriage events have become a ritual religiously followed by almost everyone around us. The haldi applying ceremony, widely known as Gaye Holud tops the list of these events. 

The significance of this event was mostly to ward off evil, a blessing on the new couple, and most importantly to ensure the ‘glow’ that turmeric gives. However, the ceremony has nowadays been incorporated with fun filled activities along with the actual ritual of the event. Singing, dance- offs, leg-pulling, camaraderie - a gaye holud is all that and much more. But how does one actually plan this day out, especially if you are the sibling of the groom or the bride and trying to host one of the best events of their lives? Here is a guide to making your efforts a little less stressful if you are trying to make your own or your dear one’s special haldi ceremony a success.

DJ and band

You may think that getting a band and an amazing singer to perform all your guests’ favourite songs will be enough. However, that is not all. Make sure you have a list of songs which you would want to be performed at the event. More importantly, choose your singer wisely; choosing the entry song for the groom and bride have shifted from the traditional hindi songs to trap, rock and other english genres. It is always better to contact an artist and get him/her to bring their band along because that way the performer is more comfortable and motivated to perform. In addition, make sure that this is a whole package deal; it saves time and is also cost effective. Now coming to the best part - what is a gaye holud if there is no DJ playing your favourite songs? You could get a DJ at a minimum cost of Tk5,000 but keep in mind, the lower the price, the lower the quality. Also, the setup for the DJ takes more effort than the band. Keep in mind that both the DJ and the band is available at the venue but it is surely better to hire them on your own instead of trusting the venue’s authority. 

Selecting outfits

More often than not, we fail to select the proper colour for the haldi event, especially because it is not about the color ‘yellow’ anymore. Have a basic theme for the event. Green, orange, mint and pink have become a priority when it comes to choosing colours for the theme. Make sure to have colour code for clothes based on the theme colour (something that compliments the venue’s decor). When it comes to clothing, the vest or ‘koti’ is increasingly becoming a favourite for men. Printed vests with a solid contrast colour pocket squares, complemented with a white panjabi and a dark coloured loafer seems to have become immensely popular for the men. On the other hand, women are seen to pull of minimalistic makeup with pastel color saris and if there is a dance performance at the event, women tend to mostly choose to wear dress-cut kameez or kurtis that is both comfortable and classy. However, the traditional lehenga has also been on the list of preferences with more of a skirt-like look or a crop top like blouse. But what is interesting is everyone’s love for one pattern - floral. Floral print and patterns have won the hearts of most as seen in latest events.

Sound and lights

Now no matter which venue you choose, it  would definitely offer to provide the lights and sound. In all honesty, this is where you will be bluffed. Don’t fall into the trap of less expensive lights and sound system for what is hidden under this eye-catching price are C-grade sound boxes and fog lights. It is better to contact a decorator or an event management firm to get the sound and lights for the event. If you are lucky enough, the band or DJ will be able to add the sound and lights to their package which will definitely be a wiser choice. 


No matter how the event goes, cherishing these memories is a must. Hence, having a good photographer catching your best candid moments is important. Make sure to have a good team of photographers who know where to be, at the right moment. Or else, you will be left with only pictures of people eating!


Despite having a full-proof plan on how to host such events, there will always be some challenges and at least one thing will fall short. For starters, if the bride and groom reach the venue late, everything will be out of schedule; dance performances will be late, the band will be waiting to perform and by the time the DJ comes in, everyone has already left! To overcome this issue, have a routine set for the event and make sure that at least the bride and the groom is punctual. The second issue could be getting everyone to rehearse for the performances. Getting everyone to come to the rehearsals will be hectic itself, let alone to get people with two left feet to coordinate with their dance partners. However, the point of the performance is for the friends and cousins of the couple to have fun, hence such challenges can be overlooked. 

Lastly, getting the invites right may prove to be a big challenge. Make sure to check the invitation list over and over again. There will always be some guests for whom an invitation card may not suffice and physically showing up to invite is the only way to get them to come, hence, make sure to have all these sorted out. Nevertheless, no matter how good or bad the event goes, one thing that will always be an amazing thing to look back is the effort you put in so share the stress and the fun with your organizing team!