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Making your own daala

  • Published at 08:37 pm December 20th, 2018
Wedding Dalaas
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Here are a few ways you can make your own daalas

Daalas have always been a part of Bengali weddings. Over the years, brides and grooms alike have found ways to integrate their personal touch to their wedding daalas so that they stand out (and look good on Instagram). Making your own daala not only saves you money but is also a fun activity to do with friends and family, make memories. 

Choosing the shape 

The shape of your daala can make or break it. Choose the shape according to the articles of each basket. So, for the daala of bangles, choose a round one with minimal depth. Shoes and clothes would better go with a long rectangular basket. Fruits, sweets, chocolates, depending on the quantity need a deeper a basket, square or rectangular but a round one might work just as well.

Colour and material

Baskets come in all colours and materials and you’re sure to find the perfect fit if for you if you scavenge thoroughly enough. However, if you can’t find anything you like or if you want to just make it more personalized you can always change its exterior. A velvet cloth pinned around the outside can give it a contemporary and luxurious look. For something a bit easier on your budget -  use chart paper spray painted to your taste. 


Hand written notes can be stuck on top of the articles of the baskets or on the side of it. The notes can be cut out in different shapes: flowers, wavy edges or even round. Different coloured papers can make your note pop! Plastic flowers, beads, rhinestones are all beautiful touches you can add to the edges of your basket or the handle.