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From Oxfords to sneakers – the gentleman’s guide to shoes

  • Published at 05:41 pm October 30th, 2018
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Here’s what you need to know before splurging on your next pair

Our style speaks volumes about our personality. Shoes aren’t just worn solely for comfort or protection, but to make a statement. Whether it’s for an upcoming event or simply another day in the city, the right pair of shoes can elevate your style profile and set you apart. 

As actor Omari Hardwick once said, “Shoes make an outfit; they're like rims for a car.” 

While sandals look great with most traditional ensembles, shoes stand out the most throughout the everyday life of a man. We need shoes for school, college, work and events. In short – shoes are a necessary fashion. 

With so many different types of shoes, choosing the right pair for a particular day, event or occasion can be confusing. To make your decision easier, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Casually cool 

Sneakers have been on top of the chain of casual footwear for over a decade. Not only are they the easiest to pair with our daily outfits, but they’re also functional. They work better with loose-fit pants than with narrow ones, since they can make the legs look like baby elephant’s feet when paired with the latter. 

Boat shoes, on the other hand, go perfectly with narrow pants while kicking your style up a notch. The price range for boat shoes is the same compared to that of authentic sneakers from any particular brand. Courtesy

The professional

When we think about office wear, we immediately picture a pair of Oxfords. Did you know that the term for ‘Oxford’ shoes was derived from the University of Oxford, back in 1800 when the students rebelled against knee-high and ankle-high boots? 

The fight was worth it, because to this day, Oxfords may be the best type of shoes for any formal occasion. Derby shoes are similar in nature, to the point where it often leads to confusion for buyers. Both styles are a perfect fit for formal attire and two-piece outfits.

However, some workplaces don’t go by the traditional office dress code. If that happens to describe your workplace, you can put on any shoe that goes with your choice of clothing and still pull off a professional look – as long as you don’t walk in wearing a pair of sandals. 

Pairing for partiesCourtesy

Who doesn’t want to stand out at social gatherings? While tuxedos may be difficult to distinguish, shoes definitely aren’t – unless you come across someone with the exact same taste as you. 

Shiny shoes can help you steal the spotlight at any event. Shiny slip-ons, loafers, boots and Derby shoes are the most popular styles for parties. When it comes to semi-casual and party wear, suede shoes are also a good option. 

Parties are the perfect place to show off that unique, wildly designed pair of shoes that defines your style. Shoes with pointed toes and print designs can make you the centre of attention at an event. To take it to the next level, consider using metal toe caps. 

Shoes last longer than most items in the closet, so splurging on a brand new pair will not only upgrade your outfit but also boost your confidence.