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A/W2018 accessories roundup

  • Published at 04:14 pm October 30th, 2018
AT_Oct 18; Pooja
Photo: Antas Singh

5 trending style investments to make

An unexpected and dramatic weight gain or loss can turn a favourite dress into a source of insecurity. That vacation tan can relegate your regular foundation to the back of the makeup drawer.  Your accessories will stay true to you through thick and thin, dark and light. This season, if you want to make a fashion splurge, put your money on some great accessories – they can give any outfit currency, polish, and visual interest. Here are our top five accessory trends.

BigstockA walk on the wild side

You can get as minimalistic and normcore as you want, but a good animal print never truly goes out of style. This year, they make a comeback on your feet. The A/W2018 trend incorporates not just the classic cheetah print in its original colour a la IndieCative’s adorable leopard flats, but also patterns rendered in neon shades and metallic finishes, and you can get your fix with La Mode’s Petra line that has both flats and pumps in red, black and copper snakeskin.


I like big bags and I cannot lie 

The mini bag has had its moment, and it’s such a cute style that it’ll surely be back soon, but big bags are hot to trot again, and hard working women around the world are counting this blessing. Roomy, comfortable and stylish again, these bags are super useful in a world that will deny women their pockets, so enjoy it while you can.

Totes amazing

The book nerds said a prayer and the fashion gods delivered. The fuss-free tote is now a fashion mainstay, so you can proudly lug around your latest read. We love, love, love the cute canvas ones from Made with Love and Baggitude, but if you like your totes a little dressier, check out the leather and canvas numbers made by MiB and Aarong. 

Alex J Reyes

Shield your eyes 

The season of the itty-bitty sunglasses has finally come to an end, and we couldn’t be happier to put that trend behind us. Normal-sized sunglasses are back where they belong protecting your peepers and flattering your face, so stock up and keep it stylish.