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Biyer Belly Blues

  • Published at 03:49 pm January 25th, 2018
Biyer Belly Blues
For South Asians, the biyerbari food is the real MVP of the season. However, with mountains of biriyani, long wait times, and just the general stress, it’s all too common to come out of the season a few pounds heavier, or your vitals a wreck at worst. Here are a few situations and how to deal.

The dawat schedule is messing with your workout routine

The best way to deal with this is to plan ahead. Pencil in the invitation dates, and schedule a harder workout the day before or the day after the event, in case attending the do means you’ll have to skip the workout. The other option is to get the workout done early in the day and out of the way so that you’re up for a guilt-free evening.

You’re on a diet and don’t want to over-indulge

Grab an early snack of salads and greens before you head to the wedding, so that you can either do the “chehara dekhate elam” and skip the meal altogether, or politely pick at your plate. If you are pressed to eat, reach for the kababs and salad, and pick the potatoes and meat out of the biriyani, and go easy on the rice. Generous helpings of borhani will help you feel full so that you don’t binge.

They’re taking forever to serve the food and you’re starving

While this is something you can’t control, you don’t have to starve. Before heading to the wedding, pack a tiny packet of mixed nuts and raisins (or sunflower seeds, if you’re allergic to nuts) and munch away while the waiters take their sweet time to get here.

You’re vegetarian and they don’t have a veggie option on the menu

Even the most carnivorous menu will have at least a green salad, so go for that, and pick some potatoes out of the biriyani. Many weddings provide a chotpoti/phuchka stand outside, so that’s another place to get your chow down.

You’re the bride or groom, and you’re getting served last

Plan ahead and keep a discreet box of nuts or chocolate somewhere near where you’ll be sitting, so that you can pop some into your mouth between handshakes and photographs. Or get your minions to steal a kabab for you while you wait to be allowed to get off the stage and head to the bridal table