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The great biryani chase

  • Published at 01:59 pm January 24th, 2018
The great biryani chase
“Dost, get married.” “Why?!” “Been a while since I had kachchi.” How many of you have, at some point in your lives, crossed by a random wedding ceremony, gatecrashed pretending to be a random friend of the chhele pokkho, took painstaking trouble to make sure no one noticed you were a stranger, only to have one (or more) good serving of biyebarir kachchi? That is how important food is for the average Bangali. We love and breathe food, and when it comes to weddings, there are people (read, me) whose sole purpose to attend weddings is the food. Since food matters so much more than the wedding itself, it’s absolutely crucial to get your food game straight. Here are a few unquestionably yum food places to get you started.

Fakhruddin’s Biryani

For veteran wedding food lovers, Fakhruddin Biryani is a name heard since time immemorial. They have around seven wedding food packages, with their standard one made up of kachchi biryani, chicken roast, jali kebab/shahi kebab, special firni or zarda, borhani or soft drinks; the plate also includes salad, water and tissues. The package comes at a price of Tk500 per plate. The packages can also have chicken pulao, different chutneys, beef, chicken or mutton rezala, naan, liver, fish fries, but prices are usually a little more for these packages than the first one. Their most famous package, however, is the seventh package, made especially for the bride and groom’s table. Made up of an entire chicken roast, mutton roast, an entire boiled Hilsa fish and a Nargis kebab, this package comes at a hefty price of around Tk12,000 but is nevertheless a foodie-favourite.

Masterchef Subrata Ali

For anyone who is familiar with ‘Shahi’ food, the name of Masterchef Subrata Ali is an all familiar one. With packages starting from Tk350 to Tk650, they offer their services to groups starting from groups of 20 to more. They even provide home delivery services. Their food items start from Mutton Kachchi to their special Mutton Pakki, Beef Kachchi, Beef Pakki, Chicken Kachchi and Chicken Pakki to a range of different pulaos starting from Plain Pulao, Kofta Pulao to Vegetable Pulao and more.

Iqbal Hossain Catering

Iqbal Hossain Catering is famously known for catering to a total of 5,000 people at once. They have special unique packages of their own but there is also an option to order customised packages. Their packages start from Tk450 and end at around Tk1,500. But often these prices can be negotiated further. Ibrahim Catering Ibrahim Catering is renowned for providing traditional Dhakaiya food. If the thought of Puran Dhaka food sends you on a food frenzy, you know who to reach out to. Apart from the names above, Dhaka has a multitude of options these days when it comes to wedding food services. Many venues have their own catering services and a lot of them are quite good. As for me, I am still lamenting over why it’s almost winter and I still have not been invited to a single wedding. So: “Dost, get married.” “Why?!” “Been a while since I had kachchi.” Worth it. Every single time. Munzereen Shahid is a writer, food enthusiast and an avid shower singer. A college student with big dreams, a love for pandas and a major case of wanderlust