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Fall fashionista: Back to school edition

  • Published at 03:23 pm October 25th, 2017
Fall fashionista: Back to school edition
Fall is probably the most versatile season when it comes to fashion. Without the scorching heat of the summer sun and the chilly winter breeze, you’re free to experiment with a number of styles. It’s the perfect weather to let your inner fashionista go wild. As another academic year progresses, we’re all busy bees buzzing about. There’s essentially no better way to show off your new trendy ensembles than as you make your rounds, which makes this the perfect opportunity to get on track with your style goals. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Being fashionable isn’t as stressful or exhausting as you might think and being minimalistic is all the rage these days (awfully convenient for every lazy girl out there, don’t you think?), so if you keep a few simple pointers in mind, you’re gold.

Invest in the basics

Every successful wardrobe is built on a foundation of staple clothing items that no girl should go without, and if yours is lacking then get on shopping! For fall, your essentials include the classic striped tee, white shirt, skinny jeans—both denim and black, sneakers, loafers and light cardigans if the weather is forgiving enough. If you’re brave enough and willing to go all out, pair your OOTD with red pointed-toe pumps or high-heel sandals, heels always make you look more put together, even if you’re just wearing jeans.

Never underestimate the power of monochrome

If you’ve ever wondered what the #1 way to look like you breathe and live finesse is, it’s this: solid colours. You can’t go wrong with a good monochrome. Sticking to colours like black, olive, navy, nude and white can help you rock the “less is more” look and just give you an overall air of class. The options are literally endless, and darker colours never fail to make you look more pronounced and chic.

Accessorise for flair

Accessories are sometimes overlooked when searching for your own style, but they can be your most important assets when it comes to personalising your wardrobe. Let your personality shine through with the perfect blend of pieces that will make it look as if every outfit you wear really is made just for you. If you’re quirky and adventurous, go bold with a funky backpack, loud scarves and chunky bracelets. If you like the French principle of simplicity, go for minimally patterned scarves and purses, thin bracelets and chic necklaces. This one’s all on you, experiment with a range of accessories to see what looks, and feels best.

A good fit is your best friend

If you haven’t been paying attention to the fit of your clothes so far, you’re holding yourself back. For worse or for better, our bodies change over time, and while loose ill-fitting clothes are super cosy, their comfort is the only favour they’ll do you. Dig out every piece of clothing paraphernalia you plan on wearing this fall from the depths of your closet and make sure they fit your form. They don’t? Don’t spare a second before you have them properly tailored. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t be hugging your body like a clingy ex, but they shouldn’t be on the baggy end of the spectrum either.

Colour your own rainbow

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute releases their Fall Color Report, and this basically highlights the top colours for the season’s fashion trends for New York, and this year they’ve added London to the list. This can be a great resource when pairing outfits and deciding which colours to stick to, so it’s definitely worth doing your research on. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some lovely palettes online which are inspired by this season’s report, and those can serve as your guide to constructing your own palettes, which you can work your outfits around.