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Bling TLC

  • Published at 04:40 pm October 25th, 2017
Bling TLC
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and presumably, some of that warmth extends to other precious metals and fine gems. Since friendships are built with love and care, here are some rules to remember when taking care of your expensive jewellery.

 Wetter’s not better

You might love your hot showers and water sports, but your bling certainly doesn’t. If you want to make your jewellery last for years, you want to take off all the ornaments before showers, ablution, or dips in the pool (or the ocean). If it does get wet, use a soft cloth to pat dry as soon as you are out of the water, to keep the lustre alive.

Contact conundrum

If you thought you had sensitive skin, if your baubles could speak, they’d be complaining about your perfume, your lotions, your sunblock and your hairspray all day long. Minimise the discomfort by applying all your product before you put on your ornaments, so that there’s less chance of it coming into contact with the chemicals.  

Take it easy

You might have regrets after indulging in the biyebari biriyani, but your jewellery doesn’t have to worry about such mortal concerns as weight gain, so if you need to hit the gym, find yourself a different gym buddy. This holds true for any strenuous physical activity, which is likely to get you sweaty, dirty, or both.

Creature comforts

Fancy jewellery likes to live in comfortable surroundings, and needs a lot of me-time. When you’re travelling, make sure you pack yours in special individual pouches, and after a hard day of sparkling, make sure you let it catch up on its beauty sleep inside its pouch. This Puja season, make some sparkling new friends. Head over to Jarwa House at Molly Capita Centre, 76 Gulshan Ave, to check out their beautiful collections.