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Makeup mantra

  • Published at 05:53 pm September 26th, 2017
Makeup mantra
Makeup at work is a balancing act. Going absolutely make-up free might save time, but earn you a lot of the hated “you look tired” comments, and signal a lack of attention to personal grooming and professionalism. Too much makeup, on the other hand, is also a big nope. Here are a few rules to follow so’s not to let the pigments keep you from professional success.


Master the mascara

Bold lashes frame the eye, drawing in more eye contact, which is what you want when you’re making a presentation, or asking for a raise. Opt for a mascara that emphasises length, use an eyelash curler and run the wand from base to tip of the lashes for that “look at me now” effect.

Bronze medal

Bronzers, when used with a light hand, can give you a beautifully sun-kissed look and counter the ashy “computer face”. Using a big, fluffy brush, work the bronzer all the way up to your hairline, and down the sides of your neck, for that warm, natural-looking glow.

Think pink

When it comes to lips, soft pinks and delicate neutrals are flattering, feminine, and totally work-appropriate.

Shadow liners

You don’t have to work the liner every day. Dipping a narrow damp brush into a dark shadow and smudging it lightly along the outer corners of your eyes can give that subtle framing that wakes up the eyes.

Soft shadows

A narrow sweep of colour across the lids in a natural tone is really all the eyeshadow one should ideally be wearing to work. Depending on your profession, you could sometimes opt for playing with colours, but keeping it minimal is usually a good idea.


Falsie alarm

Falsies are a giant nope at the office. Sure, they’re great for adding some drama to the eyes, but isn’t the office a place where you don’t want drama? Unless they’re shooting a reality show at your workplace, leave those false lashes at home.

Baking boo-boo

Ditto for baking. Aside from adding to computer face and taking a huge toll on your skin, both are way too overdone for office.

No smoking

There’s a place for dark, sultry smoky eyes, and no, the office isn’t it. Wearing a dark smoky eye at work during the a.m. hours just looks like the morning after a hard night’s partying, and that’s not something that will impress the clients, or your boss.

Glitter lips

Or glitter anything, for that matter! Save the sparkles for the dance floor.

From lash to brow

Full eye makeup starting from lashes and extending all the way up to the brows is definitely a bit much for the workplace. Consider toning it down.