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Deck the halls

  • Published at 05:59 pm August 8th, 2017
Deck the halls
Every year, we gear up for Eid in a grand way. Every corner and nook of our houses are tidied and cleaned, every piece of furniture is polished and curtains are washed. Our homes get an annual makeover, all because it's Eid! Since this holy festival is all about fresh starts and joyous celebration, it’s also the ideal time to come up with some fresh décor for your home. In case you're ready to switch up your décor game, and impress your loved ones, here are a few changes to make your home ready for Eid this year.

Choose your chinaAdd a touch of glam to your table

Setting the tone for every one of the merriments, the dining table is effectively the epicentre of the celebration. A table laden with delicious and mouth-watering dishes is a must for Eid. Moreover, one wouldn't need to bother much, while assembling a pretty table. A couple of basic things, for example, table cloths, rich flatware and china can have a significant effect.

Get the colour scheme right

Decide on a theme first. Pick a colour scheme – it could be metallic, for example, gold, copper, bronze or silver. Or, essential hues such as red, yellow, green and blue can also be great choices. Pick a table cloth in your preferred shade, to frame the base. Aside from strong hues, prints are also an awesome alternative. For Eid, gold and silver look festive, while rich, jewel tones like ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst will look exquisite. Pretty florals, rich stripes or little prints look exceptionally lovely. While choosing the prints, avoid oversized flowers or patterns – they are overwhelming and will ruin the entire look.

Light upDon’t be afraid of a little razzle dazzle

Amp up the celebrations with a hint of shimmer – use decorated lamps, shimmery table runners and sparkly décor pieces. Do keep it basic however, and pick just a couple of show-pieces to include. In case of the place mats and table runner – you may use solid linen against both solid, as well as printed place mats, while printed linens against solid ones. It is a wise idea to stick to either a similar colour palette or a contrasting one, maybe with prints.

Choose the china wisely

When you have picked your basics, the time has come to pick the china. Eggshell bone china with gold edge is an exemplary decision as it works with a wide assortment of colours. However, plenty of designs are currently available, that work with various tastes and needs. You could also play with different materials such as ceramic, crystal and metal.

add some knick knacksRoll out the carpets

Give your home a classic, cosy feel by putting out rugs and carpets. If there's anything that highlights the furniture of your living rooms, it's an area rug. It is a great way to add some playfulness to the room by adding rugs with bold patterns or intricate designs. If you plan to lay a carpet in the hall or main area, simply add throw pillows to convert the space into a lounge spot. It’s an amazing way to add extra seating to your home as well.

Light up

A proper home needs the perfect measure of lighting. Overhead lights will illuminate your home, creating the ideal ambience for gatherings during Eid. If chandeliers are too much of an inconvenience, you can simply pick more subtle alternatives, such as table and floor lamps. At night, lights ought to be delicate and warm, in order to create an environment for unwinding. If you want to opt for something outside the norm, Turkish lamps can be a good start.

dress up your windowsDress up your windows

Curtains play a key role in dressing up your home, so it is vital to pick the right colour, texture, fabric and length. For the basics, just remember to avoid bright coloured curtains if a room gets a lot of light since they tend to fade faster. It is ideal to run with neutral hues since they are less inclined to fade and would blend in with the room's décor effortlessly. When it comes to materials – linen, silk, faux silk, velvet are the best choices.

Add some knick-knack that goes with your taste

Candle holders with scented candles can be the ideal addition to your living room. Animal show-pieces, marble sculptures, artwork in glass and vintage globes never go out of style, and can easily spice up your living room décor. Finally, this Eid, remember to add something fresh to your living room – be it indoor plants or flowers in vases. Greenery will patch up your living space right away, and make it look more alive.