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Roadtrips for dummies

  • Published at 03:38 pm July 12th, 2017
Roadtrips for dummies
Thinking about planning a trip? Fret not, all you have to do is call up your friends, manage a car and follow these simple tricks and experience the best road trip ever, that too, on a budget!

Plan your route beforehand

Once you’ve set a destination, the next thing you must do is figure out all the possible routes and decide on a feasible one, depending on your budget and availability of stops. You might consider going over the route plan with your mates – let’s face it, you don’t want to be stuck in the same vehicle for hours with disgruntled passengers. If someone is not in favour of a certain part of the itinerary, alter it or consider the option of leaving them behind if they are still fussy!

Keep ‘em loose

Planning the route to your destination can save you a lot of time and stress but make sure to keep the plans flexible. No matter how perfectly you plan your trip, always expect things to go differently. You never know when and how a fun opportunity might arise.

The car

If you have multiple options, choose a vehicle that is economical in terms of fuel consumption and fits everyone comfortably. Keep a spare tire in the trunk and you should be fine (as long as you know how to change tires). Make sure the car is recently serviced and in mint condition – a well-kept engine is likely to consume fuel more efficiently.

Behind the wheel

This might sound harsh but if you are not used to driving on highways, you don’t get to drive. Particularly during the Eid holidays, when the number of highway accidents happen so frequently. Find someone who is adept at driving responsibly. [caption id="attachment_70499" align="aligncenter" width="848"] Photo: Carl Heyerdahl[/caption]

Prepare a solid budget

Driving somewhere will surely cost you less than flying there but there are certain hidden costs that come with the former. Make sure to include food, lodging, fuel costs and everything in between to prepare a full-proof budget for the trip. Keep some emergency cash in hand, just in case.

Pack like a pro

There aren’t too many places in Bangladesh that would take you more than a day to reach. Even if you are travelling all the way from Teknaf to Tetulia, logic suggests that you won’t need more than 24 hours unless you’re very unlucky. No matter what, you don’t have to pack too heavy on a roadtrip. Grab your essentials, an extra pair of outfits and set out on a memorable journey.

Snacks on a plane

(Just to avoid confusion, we’re still talking about roadtrips) Snacks are a must for any road trip so stock up on some good old Potato Crackers, sandwiches, and water bottles to keep your tummy happy and your body, hydrated.

Entertainment on the go

Once on the road, you will need something more than the scenic countryside to keep the crew entertained. You can cook up a new playlist, and bring along interesting games for the trip. In case you forget, there’s always charades and antakshari to defeat boredom. Don’t forget to charge your portable speakers!

The golden rule

The only rule for a great road trip is that there are no rules. So get out there, follow your instincts and enjoy responsibly. Happy tripping folks!