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The 5 best pizza places in town

  • Published at 04:00 pm July 12th, 2017
The 5 best pizza places in town
We had a poll to track down the five best pizza joints in town and trust us when we say that we got to the bottom of every cheesy, minute detail about what makes them so special. Get it?

1. Bella Italia

Specialty: Thin crust The magic spell of Bella Italia has been undeniable as a staggering 31 percent, of those polled, voted for this pizza joint. Besides their succulent thin crust Italian pizzas on the menu, they also customise your orders. The romantic medley of the sauce, the cheese and the dough is good enough to make you touch base with your deeper emotions and write a love song about pizzas. Top picks: Our top picks from Bella Italia have to be their Pizza Bolognese e Olive, Pizza Bella Italia (with eggplant), and Pizza Canadese with tomato sauce.

Pizza Roma Pizza Roma_copy

Specialty: Authentic Italian pizza A close contender, Pizza Roma came second, with 30 percent voting for the joint. Demonstrating an admirable commitment to authenticity for years, their ingredients are of premium-quality. Top picks: Amatriciana, Quattro Formaggi and Mediterraneo are some of their true standouts.

Spaghetti Jazz Spaghetti Jazz

Specialty: Filling 18 percent of those polled voted for Spaghetti Jazz making it number three on our list. And why not? Whether it's jalapeno, olive, mushroom, or sausage, this is one place that is very generous with their toppings, while keeping things classy. Top picks: Florentina and Siciliana.

Pizza Guy Pizza Guy_copy

Specialty: Caters to the Bangladeshi palate We were taken by surprise when Pizza Guy came in fourth, with 11 percent choosing the new joint over many age-old ones. But considering the fact that we've always secretly had a crush on “Bangla pizzas”, maybe it's not so shocking after all. Spicy and flavourful with a lot of meat, Pizza Guy sure knows how to keep his ladies wanting more. Top picks: Spicy Hot (Beef Pizza) and

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Butlers

Specialty: Super thin crust Seven percent voted for Butlers Chocolate Cafe, ranking fifth on our list. Quality of the ingredients takes centre stage at this coffee and chocolate cafe, that also makes some of the best pizzas in town. We are talking about an assortment of delectable cheese and toppings on a satisfyingly crispy, super thin crust. Top picks: Smoked Chicken Chilli Pizza and BBQ Chicken Pizza.


The rest of the three percent on the poll had mixed opinions. Some praised Le Meridien's Favola Italian Restaurant's thin crust Four Cheese Pizza, while the rest voted for La Forchetta, Pizza Hut, Arabian Fast Food, Pizza Inn or Sbarro's Spicy Beef Pizza. But for now, it's clear which pizza place takes the crown home this year.