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A sensual splurge

Reviewing  our favourite spas at luxury hotels

Update : 19 Aug 2019, 01:04 PM

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with stress and negativity, pollution and toxins, self-care has never been more important. One sure-fire way to relax both mind and body, and refresh your skin in the process, is to indulge in a little spa time.

Most times, a massage or a facial will bring back your glow and the spring in your step, but there are days when you want a little something extra, and if you’re able and willing to splurge, a spa therapy session that comprises both massage and exfoliation is just what the doctor ordered.

We checked out three spas at three leading luxury hotels to give you an idea of what to expect.

Favourite ambiance

Explore Spa, Le Meridien Dhaka

If we’re thinking of the spa session as an escape from the humdrum of the city, you really couldn’t do much better than Explore Spa. Located on the 14th floor of Le Meridien Dhaka, it is a spacious, well appointed section.

With separate waiting rooms for men and women, sectioned off for privacy, comfortable seating, refreshments and magazines, even waiting on your masseuse is a pleasant experience.

The therapy rooms themselves are large and roomy, with sleek furnishings, comfortable beds and soothing ambient music. The low lighting, carefully moderated temperature, and minimalist décor instantly lend themselves to a feeling of calm. The massage beds themselves come with features that allow you to adjust height and elevation for maximum comfort.

Well-trained therapists offer a variety of services comprising of massages, facials and scrubs, including Chakra Art, which incorporates colour therapy into the massage, and the Four Hand Choreography, an indulgent treatment that involves not one, but two massage therapists working on those knots. 

There’s also a menu of snacks, and a refreshments bar to complete the experience on a fuller note.

What gives Explore Spa an edge over other similar spas is the generosity of space in its design. In a city as crowded as Dhaka, this can go a long way towards creating a real haven of comfort. From the roomy shower stalls, to the large hot tubs, ample benches for chilling with your hot tea after the massage, you are bound to feel unrestricted and totally refreshed.

Favourite products

Breeze spa, Amari Dhaka

Located at the rooftop level of Amari Dhaka, the Breeze Spa is a delightful little getaway all on its own. The cheerful blue colour scheme soothes you the minute you step in. 

You get to sip on soothing butterfly pea tea, which will get to work boosting your immunity, and detoxing your skin, even as you select from their menu of Thai and Ayurvedic treatments. The therapies are themed based on utility, so you get to decide whether you need to rejuvenate your system, relax, or restore your energy.

Based on your choices, you’re led to cozy massage rooms, where you’re treated to the most maximalist treatments that combine skincare as well as massage, and the healing effect of jade and rose quartz to give you a solid reset.

What gives Breeze Spa the upper hand is its line of products. The facials and skin therapies employ the Biodroga line of skincare and anti-ageing products from Germany, to give you cutting edge age-rewinding benefits. The massage treatments come with a special line of aromatherapy and bath products available in three distinct ‘moods’. You’re definitely going to feel the difference in your skin when you step out. The best part is, these products are also available for purchase at the spa. 

Best bang for buck

Saron rom spa, Six seasons hotel

It’s relatively small, and has a modest menu of treatments, but the Saran Rom Spa has quickly amassed a sizable retinue of repeat customers. 

While they do offer facials and scrubs, their massages take centre stage. Swedish, Thai and sports massages, and the option of choosing between ‘dry’ and oil-based massages, this is an uncomplicated, feel-good service that guarantees relaxation.

Saran Rom Spa offers luxury spa treatments in a clean, serene atmosphere at prices just a tad bit higher than salon prices, which makes this the perfect one for repeat visits and ideal for gifting your favourite people.

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