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Spring the ring

Avenue T's guide to the perfect spring wedding

Update : 12 Feb 2019, 04:23 PM

If you think the wedding season is done and dusted with, you couldn't be any farther from the truth. Just like the weddings are taking a turn towards the modern and chic, the concept of a wedding season is losing ground as fast as the rising temperatures of Dhaka. Many of the couples planning to get married are opting to wait for Spring, when the weather isn't scorching and you won't feel cold wearing your favourite couture without draping a shawl around it. 

The coolest stylists at Avenue T have come up with pointers that might be exactly what you need for spring weddings. Read on to find out.

The outfit

If you are willing to experiment with the outfit, pastels and florals are the way to go especially if it's a day-time affair. You might think it's clichéd or overdone, but when it's done right, nothing else comes close. If you can afford Indian designer couture, you may want to look into Sabyasachi's Spring line or that of Anita Dongre. If you want to check out local designers, Sarah Karim is doing some fine work. If your purse is a tad lighter but your taste is for designer couture, check out Vedam in Shakespeare Sarani and Jhoomar near Elgin road, Kolkata.

Here are the addresses (because we're awesome):

Sarah Karim

Sarah Karim Couture Showroom

House 14A Road 57

Gulshan 2, Dhaka

Tel: 01713240055

Anita Dongre


No 422, Third Floor, 4 Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj,

Delhi 110 070

Tel:+91 8588872339

011 41035862


No.4, Woodburn Park, Elgin Road,

Kolkata 700 020

Tel: +91 8336901486


Everest Classic, Linking Road, Khar (West),

Mumbai 400052

Tel:+91 7045669647




Ador House,6-K Dubash Marg, Fort, 

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Tel: +91 22 2204 4774


80/2-C, Topsia Rd, Maruti Bagan, 

Kolkata, West Bengal 700046

Tel: +91 98360 43953

P-545, Lake Road, Near Vivekananda Park, 

Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Tel: +91 33 4064 8239


33, Shakespeare Sarani Road, Near Kala Mandir, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, 

Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Tel: +91 33 2280 0131


6B, Allenby Road (Opposite Forum, Elgin Road),

Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Tel: +91 33 2474 7295

The venue

Once you've decided on your fairytale outfit(s), you might want to look into venues that are perfect to host your dream wedding. Now if you're thinking about an outdoor-daytime wedding, there are plenty of resorts on the outskirts of the city and are available in almost all kinds of budgets. If you're not willing to spend so much on the venue (the farther it is, the higher the costs you're likely to incur), you can ask your friends and family for places which can be used for your events (albeit, only if you have a small guest list). 

The décor

After you've successfully decided on a venue, it's time to think about the décor. Ideally, contacting a wedding planner to come up with ideas and themes would make your life much easier, but if you wish to come up with décor ideas, we can help. For starters, if it's a day-time event, you must decide on how bright you want the décor to be. Saffron and fuschia or purple and burgundy can be combinations you can opt for if you want it to be on the brighter side of things, but also ooze an air of luxury and royalty.

If you want something radically different but easy-on-the-eye, combinations of peach and blue or hues of pastel or luscious shades of ombre pinks are likely to be a hit. Hues of aquamarine, ruby or topaz can be perfect if you're in for jewel tones – for a more personalized touch, you can choose the birthstones of you and your partner (only if they complement each other). 

For an event after-dark, luxe gold against sharp black (if the elders in your family don't let you use black since they think it's bad luck, opt for maroon) will bling up your wedding day and leave your guests in awe.  


The food

Being a staunch advocate of kachchi biriyani (would have endorsed the name of my favourite baburchi but they don't want to pay me), I would love to have some at all the events of a wedding. However, the menu really depends on you and the mood of your event. Kebabs are an all-time favourite along with Indian dishes such as daal-makhani and cheese-based dishes can prove to complement each other on the table. A few things for you to keep in mind would be the average age of your guests and whether there is any need to design a separate vegetarian menu.    

All this may seem a bit overwhelming for you but if you plan it out efficiently, you'll breeze through it

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