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5 ensembles to try out this Boishakh

Update : 09 Apr 2018, 07:51 PM
There should always be space in your closet for the latest summer trends. This season, we welcome the return of some reliable favourites like long panjabis, fotuas and leather sandals (no complaints here), but there’s also tons of great newbies to try. Whether you’re a laid-back, go-with-the-flow type of a dresser or taking your styling seriously, we’ve compiled the ultimate hit-list to slay your summer style before summer even arrives. Here are only a few to start with.

Printed cotton panjabi

Designers are putting a twist on your typical panjabi with noticeably bold prints. There are different takes on this trend, ranging from long lengths to short. Lose the vest and pair with flat sandals (standing ovation for this one) go for tie-dyed cotton panjabis in red yellow and orange –similar to the typical “gaye holud” look. This got me playing Abdul Gafar’s “Panjabiwala” in my head.

Slim fit cotton kurta

If you want more room to move around, substitute the panjabi for a kurta. This is more comfortable and economic (less fabric needed). Pimp it up with pant style pajamas.

Loose fotua

Not a panjabi person? Pull off a perfect casual look with cotton and khadi fotuas—resembling the ever-green “Bengali poet” look. Great for those who wear spectacles because it really brings out your inner intellect. Nothing the ladies wouldn’t die for. It’s especially flattering if you pair them with pleats in your trousers/pajamas. This will look less basic than the guy next door.

Whites and pastel shades

It’s cool to keep it cool with pastel shades or whites. Nobody minds a soothing look that is pleasant and easy on the eyes. Not to mention it will help you fend off the summer heat because let me remind you gentlemen, your armpits are not your charm-pits!

Floral shirts or fotuas

Shirts just got a whole lot more interesting. It’s all about prints now: abstract, nakshi prints and most particularly, floral (yes, accept it or lose out). Bold enough to go for a traditional and western fusion? Then don’t forget a pair of khakis to go with.
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