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5 ways to turn things around in your home décor

Update : 22 Feb 2018, 04:33 PM

Bold and beautiful

Although this year’s all about pastel hues, we can’t deny that bold colours like red and sunrise orange have made a comeback in the fashion industry. So why not use these vibrant and lovely colours to decorate your house? You can paint your walls with these rich colours, which look quite elegant if you go for neutral bases like grey or beige, and wooden floors always compliment earthy colours as well. But you can always go for accent pieces, if you’re reluctant to commit to such bold hues. Photo: Jake Curtis  


A touch of this earthy hue, or even rose gold, will make your home stand out this season. A simple copper/brass vase, or a table lamp, side tables, or even knockers and drawer pulls, will give a trendy décor to your house, as the colour has made a comeback this year. Photo: David Hunt Lighting


As spring approaches, so does the intolerable hot and humid weather in Bangladesh. And those highly expensive oriental rugs, which our parents love to show as the centre piece in all the rooms, should be nicely packed and kept in your store rooms. Change the look of your house by adding rugs instead. Add rugs with vibrant colours, intricate patterns and exaggerated floral prints. This will give your house a trendy makeover, and it’s perfect for the weather. You can even hang them on the walls if you want.   

Velvet furniture

It is the year of comebacks! Though once considered old-fashioned, velvet furniture is the newest trend in 2018. This plush, chic fabric looks magnificent on sofas and chairs. Although hard to maintain, choosing this bold style will certainly give your home space a modern look and elevate the atmosphere. Photo: Habitat Design Studio  

Gallery  walls

Having pictures hung on your walls in this era of Facebook and Instagram? Well, why not? This is something that should never go out of style, especially now when Bangladesh is becoming more and more digital as we speak. But instead of going with the modern ones, try framing photos of your loved ones or your favourite painting with ornate frames. Try covering one single wall with frames of different shapes and sizes to give your room that eclectic appearance. Photo: Urban Outfitters
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