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Spring beauty

Update : 21 Feb 2018, 02:58 PM
Think pinkPink is the colour du jour this season, appearing in rose quartz hair, petal pink lips, and just about everywhere. Designers and stylists are finding fresh new ways to use this sweet hue in all its shades in their Spring looks. Our favourite option is for sugary pink swiped across the brow bone and outer corner of the eyes, and lightly under cheekbones for a monochromatic look.Ooh, shinyInstagram might be having a moment with glittery tongues (yes, you read that right), but mainstream makeup trends are happily applying their sparkle more conventionally. From glittery black liner, to metallic shadows with extra sparkle, minimalistic pops of glitter are a standout trend. Photo: Matheus Ferrero Bold kittyCat eyes have really sunk their claws into the zeitgeist. The SS18 runways were awash with various standout iterations of what is traditionally thought of as an autumn look. Negative space cat eyes, rounded wings, bursts of neon...think outside the box this Spring.Dewy freshThere’s something about the quality of the air during this season that makes all the layers seem unnecessary, and that applies to skin as well. The rage right now is for clean, clear, dewy skin. So banish go easy on the foundation, and let your skin breathe. Photo: Matheus Ferrero Easy breezyThe mood right now is for fuss-free, natural, luminescent looks. Lip liner is being eschewed in favour of blurred, just-kissed lips; contouring has all but been replaced by just a kiss of blush, and deftly applied highlighters in neon and gold tones reign supreme. Photo:
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