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The original to translation

  • Published at 06:50 pm February 8th, 2020
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A poem about translation

(Translated by Afsan Chowdhury)

Truth be told, I am more of yours

than I am of mine. 

You came in a stranger’s robe 

trying to take my hints in 

but in a few days you realized:

my language is yours—

the two are the one and the same 

when in love.


You came even closer to me 

touching my elusive body— 

the flesh and fire—

through which 

you tried to enter the roots 

of my essence.  

The door opened wide 

sated with kiss and lick 

and yet you came even closer—

are we each other’s image now ?

O darling of mine

what will your answer be to the question?

will you say, we have known 

each other so deeply that  

our hearts have become one, 

our separate languages, yours and mine 

have become one—

the language of love.   


You have made me eternal 

with your love; you’ve given me power 

to cross my own limits with 

your blessings; your passion devoured me 

as you took me into your embrace!