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Only martyrs we have, not heroes

  • Published at 06:24 pm February 8th, 2020
Only matyrs


(Translated by Rifat Munim)

When there will be an event to honor my memory,

I will come alive in the blink of an eye,

Not with cheering applause, but with sighs.


He was, indeed, a benevolent man, you’d say;

Whereas I am useful in the here and now— 

I am holding out my hands toward you,

but you don’t even look!


The man’s death, you’d say, left us a void

that can barely be filled in.


Now I am right here, all ready to make up for all your loss

                         but you don’t even look!


Death is the only phenomenon you are interested in!


On your log of loss and gain

There are only martyrs, no heroes.


Rifat Munim is literary editor, Dhaka Tribune.