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Upcoming titles from Saad Z Hossain and Nadeem Zaman

  • Published at 03:04 pm August 10th, 2019
Titles from Saad Z Hossain and Nadeem Zaman

Lit news

Two new fiction titles from Bangladeshi writers are going to hit the stand this month. 

The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday by Saad Z Hossain, who’s already made his mark internationally as a sci-fi and fantasy writer, will be released by Tor.com, a leading global publisher of the fantasy genre. This book, like his previous titles, blends fantasy, myth and satire. 

Up in the Main House & Other Stories by Nadeem Zaman will be released by The Unnamed Press. The stories of this collection are rich with exquisite storytelling, drama and dark humor. 

The story of The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday, set in the same universe as Djinn City, revolves around the djinn king Melek Ahmar who wakes up into a distant future, in a changed world, which has its own tyrant AI Karma. Leading to the final battle against Karma and his forces, he engages into deeper conflicts that bring old crimes into light. The book will be in the bookstores from 13th August. 

Up in the Main House & Other Stories is a collection of eight stories that explores the lives of the caretakers—the cooks and butlers, night-watchmen and peons—people who work for a family for a long time. Through their side of the stories, the writer showcases the real lives being lived in the city. 

This book is the US release of his short story collection Days & Nights in the City, which was previously published by Bengal Lights Books in 2018. The US version will be available for the readers from 5th November. Nadeem Zaman is currently working on his second novel Through the Ages.