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Julius Caesar

  • Published at 02:16 pm May 11th, 2019
Julius Caesar


Won't be long before I slip and spill

All of the secrets

You told me not to tell a soul

We were in the woods

Not out yet but you sang the blues

And I was listening

For some happy news

You threw at my shoes,

Like that time we were 17 and

You had in your hands

A copy of Julius Caesar, signed

By all of those people there

You said you'd never want to meet again and

I was still with you

Not out yet but singing the blues

And you were sitting, taking notes

For a better time when



They held you up to their ears, they couldn't

Hear a word you said,

And I was standing till the afternoon

Where no one was there and they told me to

Take off your shoes,

Take off your slipping songs I sing of you

The snow that gathered in your hearth, I felt for you

And every week they brought their shovels, and blue

Blue was the color that split the light in two

The curtains drawn, your smile, I wept for you

With tears that wouldn't drop, I felt for you

In the dark with my hands together and where were you

In the lovely seasons, gone, didn't hold me to

My words, they wouldn't stay

Together with you

Your picture stood in my wallet, my face lit up

The blankets weren't needed yet, my feet slipped up

When the air was frozen shut, my hands hiccupped

And shook with its own purpose

My eyes weren't blind

But cared to see so little, I thought

You'd take off your shoes

And sing together with me

My blues.