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Brown is beautiful

  • Published at 04:52 pm March 10th, 2019


– after Allison Joseph

Velvety lips, nebulous hair,

you are such a vision of beauty,

this man is lost

in your mystery,

in the enigma

of your subterranean eyes.

You are so incredulously dusky,

you radiate with a glow

that dazzles all.

You don’t need any

chemicals, makeup

to enhance your face,

your ethereal features,

silky skin.

Natural beauty belongs to few,

belongs to you, dear lady.

You are so curvaceous

that you are physical perfection,

a fiery presence, magnanimous,

mystical, and bedazzling,

love at first sight.

I, dear lady,

have every reason to admire

and adore you.  You have depth,

drive, and skill.

You are so loving,

your naivete

and your sweetness

is all the aid you will ever need.  No man,

be he a charmer or charming

with a good heart

will walk away from you.   

Lovely lady,

loveliness is what you are,

a combination of confidence,

sense, and decency.

Your parents must be so proud

of your naturalness:

a feminine vision

in a long cotton sundress,

ivory seashell

bracelet on almond

wrist, no pantyhose,

summer sandals

on tanned feet,

toenails painted a soft pink,

your feet luminous in the sun.

Don’t listen to the dullards who dare all

to bare all, no class.

Be yourself, wear

what you want, something classy

that makes you luminesce,

radiates your beauty,

your caramel glow.   You melt

like French silk and hot cocoa

when we go out, and locomote

so skillfully, I long to dance

on the club floor with you,

Sahale’s unrelenting beats

of deep house music thudding

at the psychedelic

scene.  I can’t help but grin

idiotically at the way

you wear your hair

straight, in waves

or curls, at your animated

smile, chocolate-covered

cherry lips, nice

and even white teeth.